Queue'd with friends - Myself and another made to play Monster


Title says most of what I’m here to say.

Queue’d with friends with the express purpose to play Hunter team, at least 3 people against a Monster instead of trying to solo against a Monster.

In two different examples, myself and one of the friends I jumped in with were made to play Monster. I was under the impression this was not supposed to be possible, and found it worth reporting as a bug.

For some posterity sake, there were 3 of us. We each were queue’d with our preferred classes: Myself on Assault (secondary Medic in case a random joined wanting Assault), Friend A on Support, Friend B on Trapper. To my knowledge we all had Monster as 5th pick. Played 4 games normally with them in Hunt and on the 5th game I was the Monster.

Finished that game, played another 6 games, Friend B was the Monster. Unsure as to why we were being made to play the Monster, because as far as I know a premade group not in customs should never fight their teammates.



It is indeed a feature now, as it was a much requested feature added at a time where the playerbase was less than 200 at peak to combat the reliance on a pre-made to find a person who wanted to play monster as none of them could.


So we wanted to make is so if the Monster spot was open you or your friends could take it so you didn’t have to play against a Bot. I have been seeing a lot of reports like this so I can bring this up with our design and networking guys to see if we could change this behavior.

@Master_Forge would you like it if when you searched with your friends it would always put you guys as a hunter team but if the monster spot was open or if the monster wanted to switch then you or one of your friends could swap with them?


I think I would love that as an option personally. Much love to the Dev team from me, you guys are always taking suggestions and making them even better.


Hey Evolve Stage 2 is for you guys we love our community and we really want to do this right we will take ALL feedback into account. Even if we don’t reply all the time please please please keep giving your feedback the more we see topics pop up the better feel we get for what the community wants.


Feel free to lock the thread as the confusion on being made to play with a teammate as a Monster has been cleared, as well as having reached proper people already to make what is now simply a complaint, heard



I would like to see a solution that meets everyone’s preferences.

I love playing the monster when with friends. I would like to see a solution that allows me to continue to play with friends without forcing me to stop playing my favorite role.

My suggestion would be to simply lock out everyone’s very last choice role. That will not only completely solve this problem (2-4 person premades who don’t like being split can coordinate their last role as monster), but it also has a more general benefit of not having people play their least favorite role in general.



Just remember, if you queue as a group and someone gets monster, you can back out with the group and requeue with no penalties. :3