Queue dodging


You wait ages for a queue.
You get matched against players.
Players dodge over and over to not play you.

Queue dodging NEEDS a penalty.
sitting here with 300 people watching unable to play a match because of 2-3 teams refusing to play


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Matchmaking system without penalty = retarded.

And this (See OP Post) is exactly why.


I’m surprised you haven’t punched your screen already…

I agree, with this playerbase people still keep dodging and they need to get punished. They just click on player options and remember you so they know who to dodge.


I think they shouldn’t reveal the other team’s names until the character screen when you lose points for leaving.


Yes, because poor bronze players wanna be destroyed by silver exps.

They should fix matching that’s all.


On one hand I agree on the other hand I squashed two tryhard chase comp teams last night and backed out any time I was matched with them again because I didn’t want another round of that boredom and frustration.

Maybe fix the rank system, matchmaking, and the meta of the game and people won’t back out to avoid bullsh.


Please, this is straight up stupid.

I know a gold team on ps4 that dodged monsters till they got bronze and lower monsters to win.

They never played a single silver monster


Dodging/Avoiding in itself, is bullshit. People are in fact dodging shit that they know they can’t win against. So dodgers are inflating their own ranking artificially, thus making them look better than they actually are. How does that balance out, compared to the honest players, who don’t dodge? It simply doesn’t.
You can fix the matchmaking, balance and the rank system all you want, but by the end of the day, you also need to make a penalty for dodging in a queue based system.

If people CAN fuck with the system, they WILL. That’s the bottom line, sadly.

Edit: But just because people CAN fuck the system, doesn’t mean you should tolerate or accept it. The devs CAN stop it. All that is required is that we speak up, let them know there’s a problem, and then that they listen and do something.


Me and my friends had the same monster dodge on us three times in a row even though he never played us and we most certainly weren’t running any chase comps…


I think this is why we need a picks and bans system along with a penalty for dodging


Agreed. There are so many basic fundamental things wrong with the game that should be fixed before worrying about a penalty for backing out imho.

A good ban system is one of them.


I lurb u all



I think most of us understand that playing ranked hunt is about playing with/against teams of equal skill, for the enjoyment that comes from a challenge.

However you will never rid of the “K/D” obsessed individuals. They will never understand that once your rank mirrors your skill level, those are the monsters and hunters you should fight. They want the easy win, and they’ll always find a way.


That’s literally the worst attitude, I can Image. What you’re essentially saying is "Oh well, they’re gonna cheat anyway, so why even bother trying to fix it?"
Like, imagine holding that attitude in real life? “Oh, well, they are gonna try steal anyway, why bother making laws against it or condome it?” or “Oh well, they are gonna rape that woman anyway. Why bother making that illegal or stopping the rapist?”

You’re condoning bad behavior. If people find a way around a penalty system for dodging, do you know what you ought to do? Fix that problem as well. Just shrugging at it, and look the other way, is probably the worst thing you can do.


Badges and names shouldn’t be visible. And why are names hidden until you click Player Options? It’s like they started implementing the no-dodge safeguard but didn’t finish or bug test it.


First of all, you need to calm down. And second stop making wild comparisons. Third, I never said don’t try and stop the que dodging.

I was merely stating that those people who are doing it need to realize that this system isn’t designed to climb ranks dramatically.

Putting in a penalty OTHER than a point penalty will do nothing. The Dodgy Dodgers will just wait longer: they are already waiting longer for the ranking to pair them up with an inferior team.

But I’m against that, I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve d/c’ed at the initial matchup screen.


A picks and bans system would actually probably be great for telemetry because it would help TRS find out who and what gets banned the most and it would put less of an emphasis on w/l ratio and more on how fun the people are to play against.


yep, I think that’s why they had it in the gentleman league but I’m not entirely sure. regardless as you say it would do wonders for the telemetry.
just to be really greedy I would also like a map ban system aswell