Queue dodges - please hide badges and player level until players are locked


Won an all-in stage 1 against a team of players close to my skill level and now I’m watching them continually queue up with me, see my badge, and dodge the queue. A second group of bronze destroyers has also matched against me several times before someone bails. My queue times are bordering on half an hour for monster already, so I guess I’ve got some time to write this post.

Is there a solid reason behind showing both A) the rank of the opponent and B) the opponents badge before locking the game in and punishing disconnects? I’ve noticed that players dodge queues against high level players a lot, and that’s extending an already discouraging wait time for those players. Can we hide these things, please?


As much as I hate to see this, I think we already have a thread.



I think I will leave this one open, this is a different suggestion :slightly_smiling:

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Agreed. Queue-dodgers are the pits.


I’ve come up with a minor solution until a more serious one kicks in.

Simply change your badge after each match when this becomes a problem…

Then after you get done just change it back to what it was.

If you want to be Evil make it the Default Emblem from time to time because they might not pick up on your rank… maybe.


Absolutely not.

There’s plenty of good reasons for players to avoid the same opponent(s), they don’t all fit your “scared of Monster’s rank” stereotype.


It’s not always fun to get constantly wrecked in games, it’s nice to win some.


Totally signed.

There is absolutely no point in attempting to hide the names of players to conceal their identification, if youre going to completely leave something that easily makes them identifiable despite that.

Im sorry you dont want to keep facing the same person that wrektz you everytime- But its ranked. If you cant deal with the people in your class, chances are- You shouldnt be in your class. If that person is that much better then you- Theyll get bumped above your class anyways. Sucks to be a stepping stone, but thats essentially what you are in these situations. And as much as you may despise is, these are the ramifications of playing a game with a small userbase. Dont like it? Dont play ranked. Go to quick play.


Your acting as if your soloing a monster?

First of all, what’s the point in seeing a bronze elite-destroyer team take on a silver expert monster? do you know or even remember the feeling of constantly being destroyed by higher skilled players simply because you joined the que and got players who aren’t as good as you? It’s frustrating and annoying even if you explain teamwork while in game does it mean they’ll suddenly gain ESL level skills? No. No one wants to constantly be destroyed in any game, it reduces the chances of you even wanting to pick up the game again. I would understand is this was a rant on pre-mades who know what they’re doing yet dodge monsters, I’ve seen you play with Ryke, Sky and other good players so what reason would you have to dodge? You speak for the minority of the player base not the majority…


Ive known plenty of bronze-ranked individuals, who are decent players and more than capable of competing with silver ranked monsters in a premade, but got stuck in bronze because they did all/some of their hunter placement matches with pubs, or partial premades.

Im currently ranked in silver, and love whenever I see a gold monster. I know its a damn good chance to earn quite a few points- at the risk of relatively few.

Gunning for you again deanimte :stuck_out_tongue: I love our matches. Even if you are sneakier than a launch era wraith.

Not many. But im not really for dodging. For the most part only time ive personally really been interested in dodging is when i know the monster, who will get host, is in a foreign country and will have craptastical pings. Sometimes weve sighed and skipped these monsters, other times we havent- but in either case if i hadnt been allowed to do so, i wouldnt have been overly upset by it. I know and understand that this is merely a draw back of a small population. If i didnt want to deal with it, id jump out of ranked and go into quick play. Something I have done on more than one occasion.

Actually it seems like quite a few people are completely against allowing people to dodge others in ranked. Actually it feels like most people are. And pretty much the only threads i see on the topic, are asking for something(s) to be done to disallow the practice- Not encourage/allow/promote it.


100% this. Week ago we lost to a Silver Master. We faced him right after, lost that one too and also the third one in a row.

Then two of us didnt want the forth encounter: “We need now easier Monster”. Why? Somebody just demonstrated us our weaknesses. This is the best kind of situation to improve. So, we took the forth match and pretty much should have won that; we had three people up and monster had 2 health bars and he was domed. We lost the game, but the thing is that we improved hugely from first match to second and into third one up to the point that forth match was our game to lose. Even though we messed up the fourth match, we improved by far more than stomping four matches versus Silver Expert.


I don’t see a problem with queue dodging. If someone doesn’t want to play against you, that’s their choice.


Rick, even though I can see your reasoning I dont agree.

The underlaying principle for any ranked is that you cannot pick your fights. It simply overtakes any personal reasoning (I dont wanna play cos he is too good, I dont want to play the same monster, I dont want to face the Kraken)

In other situation they might be valid reasons, but in ranked you dont get that option. You are placed against you are placed. Not that it only destroyes the idea of ranked, but also hurts this game up to the point that my High Silver friends who play monster do not play ranked because the cannot find a game because those rare teams will dodge.

If Silver Expert dont want to face our team with Silver Expert - Elite, you dont deserve Silver Expert rank. Thats my humble opinion


Your example is a good one and your friend is one of many cases that prove your point, however:


  • laggers
  • exploiters
  • suspected hackers
  • confirmed hackers
  • trolls


I have some reasons to avoid some Monsters/Players.

  • Teabagging
  • Trolling
  • Some Monsters/Players are ashole (beef)
  • Some Monsters/Players are three divisions over us, so why fight them?
  • Lag-Switchers
  • Maybe a friend I dont want to fight against my mates.

So, its a game and players should decide on her own if they wanna play with a certain person.

I think if the matchmaking would not match all the time noob hunters against good monster and vice versa than people would not dodge that much.

And why fight a Monster over your level? The risk is still there to lose a lot amount of points as if you fight a monster under or same level. Never understood that.


Well, I do agree on the hacker point of view. However, it should be an opportunity to catch his hacks and remove him from the game.

Suspected hackers, you are innocent until proven. Record and sent forward.

Exploiters, I dont understand which exploit would give you enough advantage. Maybe I just dont know them. They seem so minor and vastly situational even at their best.

Trolls, definitely not reason. Ez points

Actually I agree with you. However they represent such a minority. Ive pld over 500 games, and seen one exploit here and there, not really game changing. Maybe 20 matches in which lagger played part in. I think if you could make diagram of all those reason versus what I mentioned, it would at least 95% (personal reason), 5% your reasons mentioned above


Again we of the forum are the minority.

Whether they play quick play or rank they have a choice, whether they dodge or not they have a choice, we can pick and choose why take that away if they don’t want to do something? The problem will always be player based cause I’m sure if we had more dodging wouldn’t be such an annoyance.


Meh, fix Sunny and I think a lot of people would dodge less. Win or lose, the chase comp is not fun.


This is why this game didnt need auto matchmaking to begin with. With a pool of what, 500 or so active players on PC, how would you guarantee consistently fun and fair matches at all times of the day? You don’t.

Use the ICCUP system for small communities:

-Ranks in order from A - D
-Upon entering ranked, players join a chatroom with players similar to their rank
-They then use this chatroom to find and create ranked games, parties, or shoot the shit between matches.


God Domes are a big exploit that are still very possible with very little practice.