Questions Regarding Perks and Percentages


I was wondering if the Damage Output Perk would affect healing like Cairas Nade Launcher and Val’s Med Gun. Seems like a dirty combo possibility for her to use Increase Damage and the rest of the group use Damage Resist.

Is it true that Damage Resistance for a Monster does NOT work for the Monster? If so then having 15% more Health would seem useless because if you’re that low then you’re probably screwed where as 15% Damage Increase (or any other perk) would be more viable. I played a lot of matches with Damage Resistance on for the Goliath because I thought that I had a total amount of 15% more armor. If this is not implemented and considered a balance issue I don’t know how. A Monster is sacrificing potential Damage Output, Cool Down Speed and Movement Speed for the sake of being a little bit more spongy which would seem fair.

All buffs acquired in-game are better than their Perk Counter Parts and overwrite the Perk that the player is using and do not stack (provided if this is true) if the Perk is the same as the Buff. This is not the case for the Monster Perk Armor Regeneration. The Perk is 50% bonus recovery while the Buff is 30%. If, for example, I take the Perk and eat the animal that gives this buff would then the buff overwrite the Perk (which is better) or would the Perk stay since it’s better?

If perks don’t stack due to balance issues then why not have them stack at least a little? This would make having the same bonuses from both the Perk and Buff not seem so redundant. I take a 20% Movement Speed Boost Perk and then get the 35% Movement Speed Boost thus making my Perk Useless until the Buff is gone thus giving me a slight handicap because I am now essentially running around without a Perk for the time being. I figured a 20% Perk + 35% Buff = 40-42.5% Total Speed Boost (and overall all other perks with this same concept but of course different numbers depending on the Perk/Buff Combo). This would make it seem like stacking them would be beneficial if only slightly without making it too ridiculous (maybe). This feature would work for both Hunters and Monsters and maybe have the Stacking get slightly better (or worse) as the monster Evolves. Stacking Movement Speeds would come in handy better for a Stage 1 Monster but by Stage 3 the benefits are not as good and is not needed as much and could drop back to the 35% mark.

In regards to Percentages I was wondering about (let’s just say for example) Increased Damage Output for Skills/Weapons from Masteries.

I have a Maxxed out Goliath and Wraith with an almost Maxxed Kraken but I’ll use my Goliath as our main factor.

I max out Rock Throw Damage as much as I can (for example) with all three Points into it with the Increased Damage Perk and the Bonus Mastery Damage boost.

Are we looking at a simple (169% + 15% + 10% = 194% Total Damage Increase) or a (15% of 169 is added to the Total Damage then 10% of that number is added from the Mastery)? Also what about the Damage increase from the Sloth which is a whopping 35% Increase which no matter what passes the 200% damage bonus.

I may be over thinking the Damage Stacking but as a strategical gamer I like to look at all of my options with as much clarity as possible.

Also with the Perks/Buffs stacking thing that’s more of a possible suggestion for consideration. And the Damage Resistance for Armor should really be considered considering what you sacrifice for it if it actually doesn’t work for Armor.

Thank you for taking the time to read and even more so if you answer these in a civil manner.


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I know this isnt very speedy reply but theres a thread called “rock throw and some numbers” which might give you a bit of info, but if not, then pugs


The damage perks do not effect healing output, Maniacsquirell and Mrstrategio (edit: @GentlemanSquirl and @MrStrategio on the forums, trs Devs) were talking about this a few nights… (maybe a week…) ago on Squirrel’s stream.


If you could buff healing output the monster wouldn’t be able to kill anyone.

Caira already does pretty well with her healing as it is and Val is about to get much better due to the medgun buffs


@Quirkly Could you maybe post a link (or somebody?) because I tried looking for it and got squat.

And I guess that answers the healing and Damage Perk but is there anything about the Damage Resistance Perk and Monsters Armor? Kinda want to know if it does work or not.


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As far as I can tell damage resistance applies to everything (is working properly), armor lasts longer when you have the Armadon perk, and the health bar itself drops slower too.


Somebody was saying that the Damage Resistance Perks does not work for Armor.

Not really sure on anything until a Dev or somebody with facts shows something fully believable, no offense to you of course. I trust you’d answer as best you can as would most people.


True I agree and Cabot does do 200% more damage with his amp




Another thing I’d like to know is when it says +10% duration for Fire Breath does that mean how long I’m breathing fire or the DoT effect?

Also Decoy on Wraith has a slight issue…

When upgrading that skill the Terms Damage and Duration are switched.

So when upgraded to max it says 169% for Duration and 250% for Damage…


Turtlerock has a wiki right?

the only things you can learn from the wiki is EXACTLY the same as what we get from the ingame hints/tips/tooltip thingies!

If this is supposed to be a competitive game then hardcore gamers need HARD FACTS and COLD NUMBERS to improve!

Do they seariusly expect us to make 10K custom games and try out everything to see for our self? that will take ages, and by the next update it might not even be accurate anymore!

If anyone knows where to get this info, PLZ SHARE! I BEG YOU!

And if devs are reading this. well, gief moar info on the numbers…PLEASE…


Pretty much this. I posted awhile back and like nobody knows nothing or doesn’t care.


Anyone know if perks and mastery bonuses stack? Like if I take 15% dmg perk with a 10% dmg buff from mastery does that = 25% more damage?


I think so otherwise a 5% bonus damage from the Perk would be idiotic. So with the Perk and Mastery you’re already 25% stronger than the average Monster at Stage 1. Score a Damage Buff from a Sloth and you’re already a greater threat than a Stage 2.