Questions I have and want answered hopefully


First is since we are on here do we get exclusive videos ,pictures ,exc.

Second are they going to have all four legged monster because golith was and kraken were or only dlc

Is there going to be a campaign or just offline playing


Not really “exclusive” but some stuff is posted here first, like the Alpha information.

Kraken is actually a quadruped.

Campaign I think is confirmed but my guess is it’s just going to be the multiplayer maps in hunt mode with some kind of chronological order. You can play the MP modes offline.


I know Plaff found some concept art of evolve from god knows where a while back. But no exclusive pics or videos really. What is exclusive (I guess) is the interaction with the devs. They’ll post stats and little inside info that you won’t find anywhere else but here every once and a while. We do not know what the 3rd and 4th monster are going to be yet, and there is no campaign that we know of, nor do I think there will be one.


They’ve mentioned a “campaign” a few times but I get the feeling it’s just going to be a bunch of MP matches that are offline with bots strung out in some kind of order.

If even that.

Personally, I don’t care much because the meat of this game is definitely the MP.


But I think they should have a story …not me just running a round killing stuff devs please make a quick little campaign so I can kill stuff for a reason please


Once upon a time there was a monster. The monster was naughty and needed to be killed so four people dropped down to the planet and killed it (or died trying).

The End

Not a great story but sounds like an awesome game :smiley:


Poetry… it brings a tear to my eye :’(


I’ve been told I have a way with words :wink:


For sure bro just magical my friend


You have a reason though, monsters that nobody has ever seen before are destroying colonies and facilities on the planet Shear. You are elite alien hunters, you’ve hunted down dangerous wildlife for a living for years but the monsters you encounter on Shear are unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

And there you go! Reasons! @Matthew might be able to go into more detail for you but expect this game to be similar to L4D story wise. It will be in the dialogue and the environment, but not really a “part” of the game as this is designed as primarily as a MP title.


As for “exclusive” stuff, i know back before April they gave away a copy of game informer signed by all the devs. I also know they are doing a steam give away. Other than that, it seems mostly just info


Do I get that from dialog and what are the monsters


Yup, apparently there will be a ton of backstory heard in the dialog. I believe they plan to put out something more official on back stories in the future but dont recall where i heard this


The reason we write setting and character and backstory stuff and put it in dialog for you to hear while you’re running around is because it makes the game more fun.

If we told you that stuff now, we’d be making the game less fun for you.


Everyone seems to have forgotten that we did get the first Alpha invites. If that’s not exclusive then I don’t know what is!


Im old fashion then I like my cod baldly written story :slight_smile:


I dont play on pc but it was exclusive just not for me


Same for me and Plaff, it’s kind of funny that neither of the moderators will be on the alpha. I’m PS4, Plaff is PS4 and UK lol


Im in the usa and rock the one


We’ll definitely do what we can to give you guys exclusives here and there. Reveals are often controlled by 2K, but I’ll put in a good word so we can get you guys some mad Evolve exclusives like wallpapers or what have you :smiley: