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What title would u give yourself? I call myself the number one slacker of the world.

What's your favorite Pokémon?

You should call yourself master of making many offtopic threads



Both as an answer to you and as a title.


Remind me of what that means


That’s a compliment right?


Too Long; Didn’t read


Take it how you want it.


U haven’t giving urself a title


The Dankest Memelord in the Galaxy
Bow before my swag and I will gift you with mtn dew and air horns.


I don’t need a title. I’d probably be “Asshole” or “Massive self entitled jerk who apparently only thinks of herself”.


Or “Lightning Dick”.


I’d probably be…

“Princess of rainbows and doom kitten lasers.”

Lies D:





Nah. Definitely one of the above. The comments I get only further it.[quote=“ShakaruMagala, post:12, topic:79155”]
Lies D:
Nah. What about self beater upper? I do that a lot too.


Self beater rapper?

10 char


Uhh, I can’t say that’s not true.


I’m now known as Cupcake and I embrace that.


Misread that, what’s a self beat upper?


U look delicious!


Alright, so we already know that Shreddzy’s title is “Cupcake Master” because of the AMAZING in game secret he found…

And @Katt would be “Oreo Queen” for obvious reasons…

@BearStream is forever known as “Strider Lover”.

And I am forever known as “The Unrustled”, because my jimmies shan’t be rustled.