Questions for Livestream

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Hey guys just want to say you’re awesome and I appreciate all your hard work at TRS. Here are my questions:

-With several monsters falling below the 50% win rate threshold what changes can/will be made if any to adjust for their performance?

-If aforementioned changes are made can we expect more ability tweaks that improve skills without changing the damage numbers?
Given the understanding that increasing damage rates for level 2 and level 3 monster abilities would place monsters back near their stage 3 potentials perhaps supplementing abilities with additional attributes for those that lack those buffs until level three would help bridge the gap. For example although the duration of goliaths charge increases per level, in addition to or in place of duration some attribute like the speed of the charge could be used to improve the efficiency of the ability without tweaking damage values. Another example would be decreasing the casting times of the ability’s animation slightly. I know this was done with behemoth it could be used again, for example, for goliaths rock throw. There are a number of ways abilities can be supplemented that make them more threatening without necessarily changing the damage values. (I know this is an understood).

-Does the raw data collected from Hunt 2.0 accurately represent the overall balance of the in-game mechanics despite the current issues of player disconnects and distorted win/loss percentages amongst players who are matched regardless of wide experience gaps?
-With the release of Hunt 2.0 and more new players entering the game while others of varying skill levels suffer unfortunate disconnects, will the data collected from these numbers regarding wins and losses across the board reflect an accurate representation of the community as a whole from which balance is than determined? Currently if veteran players are matched against lower skilled players than large win percentages develop for “insert hunter/monster here” which may not reflect the true nature of things. The converse is true as well for players on the losing end. As of right now data reflecting how balanced said hunter/monster is may be skewed due to improper match making with regards to the experience gap between hunter squads and/or monster(s). This should narrow down over time but as of right now some numbers may appear exaggerated. (Simply an assumption not a fact)

-Will further improvements be made to the sneak system/ stealth game for monsters and how birds are spawned?
I understand a change was made with patch 5.0. I was wondering if any more changes are in the works to make sneaking more viable in competitive play as opposed to the more popular eat and go strategy.

-Will the level cap ever be raised beyond 40 and if so will new perks be introduced along with the possible expansion?

-Can we ever expect the addition of new wildlife to be introduced to the environments of Shear?

Again I would like to say thank you to everyone for all their hard work and dedication towards making this excellent game. Even if none of my questions are used in the stream I know they will most likely have been read at some point and no matter what I will always have this amazing game to play. Keep up the good work!


Does pick rate have any effect on who gets buffed/nerfed? And can i please have my sweet cabot returned to his former glory instead of standing in his sidekick’s shadow?


Is vertical jetpack boost made so short on purpose or it’s a bug?

I know you was trying to make jetpack boosts not too long, not too short and using average value for it, which works fine for horizontal boosts. However for vertical boost it’s definitely not an average amount of pre-patch 5.0 vertical boost. It’s way too short and useless while still drains a lot of fuel.

Please make vertical boost as good for dodging as horizontal boosts are, at least in combat.

What monsters are performing the best at the top end of highly skilled play?

Easy answer


What’s Jack’s current W/L ratio on each platform?


My question :

Are you going to do something about thing that when 1 Hunter leaves form role selection screen , it dispatches entire group and you have to wait again to find players ? @MacMan

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Is wall walking technically possible? I mean climbing walls like spiderman, which I theorize the 5th monster could use. :grinning:

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I also feel like the monster abilities can be spammed a little bit too much at stage 3. For example, Goliath is almost constantly breathing fire.
The specialties lose their “specialness” when you can constantly spam them. Also, the satisfying feeling of hitting a special ability is reduced when they are doing less damage. So maybe the cooldown reduction on 3-point abilities needs to be tuned down a little bit (and maybe re-increase the damage gain a little bit in return).

So the question is: From what you are seeing in the statistics and on the streams, are the changes having the effects that you wished? Which aspects need more fine tuning?


Will there ever be changes to the dome cooldown? With reload perk it is recharging very fast.

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  1. Can we get an insight into why the kraken’s aftershock radius was increased? What thought processes went into balancing this, and what factors were taken into account.

  2. Were there any specific areas of the balance that you wanted to pay extra attention to when the patch went live? (e.g. Dome changes, traversal changes, specific hunters/monsters) How have those been panning out so far? Do you feel it’s going relatively smoothly?

  3. Overall how do you feel the changes are going? Are you happy with them? Are there things you feel didn’t go as expected?

What are you going to do for the Players who can’t get any Monster matches?
What are you going to do to improve monster Matchmaking in general?
Will I have to wait 3 hours to find Hunter opponents to find my first placement match, which I still didn’t get, or is 2 hours not enough already?

From what I know, he doesn’t slow down when firing his weapon.

1 - Will Val be seeing any buffs soon? She has arguably the worst sustain and self peel and now that there are usually more fights, she is probably ranked as the worst medic. Really want to play her again in competitive.

2 - Are there going to be any other perks added to the game? E.g. Maximum Jetpack increase, Max Health Increase, Rate of Fire Increase?

how come this game, in which evolving is the “name of the game” that only the monster can evolve. Nothing else evolves! No maps, no wildlife, and most importantly, none of the hunters. The closet i’ve seen is the thunderchild’s plasma lance in which damage is stacked and that can’t even be considered an evolution. Will there be anything for hunters?

They could do it just have to tilt the view and an animation for getting on the wall

Can we have any hints on what the name of the next monster will be?

What time is the livestream? I dont want to miss it.

in about an hour and a half. It’s 12pm PDT