Questions about Tournaments (PC)


So I know there are some torunaments , I watched them from time to time, but never cared much about them.

So here are my 3 question and I would be really gratefull if someone could answer them :blush:

1.What types of tournaments are out there, that I can join (I know there is Battlefy, TGL, anything else?)
2. How can I join each specific tournament?
3. How often each of them take place ( any specific dates?) ?



Battlefy, TGL, ESL, etc.

IIRC, TGL is a more of a special event kinda thing. The recent one was the second season tournament or something along those lines. I remember that for TGL you need to sign up and then win your open qualifiers to continue onwards (?) in the competition.

Battlefy, you just grab a team and sign up on Battlefy. :slightly_smiling:

I’ll summon @Seedsy for the TGL details.


Thanks rose :slightly_smiling:

And the Battlefy is every week? Or every 2?


Every two, as I recall.


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One of my sources teased me with something new, so I think that there are more tournaments in the making. I don’t have any more details at this point


The ceremony has concluded with several sacrificed behemoths. I have been summoned from the far reaches of Shear in order to ensure that i was able to be a part of this discussion.

But in all seriousness, if you’re looking for competitive tournaments there WILL BE MORE CONTENT.
As @Wednesday13 said, there is rumours of a new tournament in the works, and there will always be BattleFY.
The best way to be informed about evolve related information is to regularly check the forums under the “Competitive” Category.

If you’re looking for previous competitive tournaments, you can check it out on my youtube channel, or my twitch account. If you want to know about TGL @Insane_521 or @KaiserTim would be the best people to ask. You can always tweet at TGL via @EvolveTGL .

TGL Season 2 is currently, over but i’m sure the creators will be happy to make a 3rd season, when the time comes (if interest exists); however that is a decision that will be made by those involved and not by myself.

All this being said, im sure if you wanted to Run/ administrate a tournament. You can announce it on the forums, and people will share and help where possible.

Moderators: Please feel free to C&P this response to anyone asking about competitive, i’m sure it will cover a large number of questions :wink:


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