Questions About The Kraken


WHY does the kraken have the same basic attack damage as the goliath?

goliath can be easily punished, kraken cannot. goliath has to be face to face against you, kraken never is.

WHY does the kraken have the same HP and almost the same ARMOR of the goliath?

same examples above.

i play parnell or just every assault, but mainly assault, and as the assault i have to deal dmg to the monster. but when it comes to the kraken, i do half the dmg i would’ve done to some other monster, just for the fact that he’s flying and i cant get to him. you’re gonna say “tranq him” yeah sure, my team does that, but i assure you he’s gonna hide somewhere stupid and let the tranq expire.

i really think kraken’s gameplay (behemoth too) is pretty toxic at the moment.


too much damage, no clear punishment occasions (which every monster has) [his big head would be one, but again, since i can’t even reach it… it’s pretty useless].