Questions about Sunny and Torvald

  1. Can Sunny’s shield drone shield the hunters infinitely? Or does the drone stop working after absorbing a certain amount of damage?

  2. Do Torvald’s mortars benefit from weak points?

  1. The shield drone works like Hanks Shield Projector so it can ‘Run out’ after shielding so much damage.

  2. No they do not as they are explosives.


1 - Sunny’s shield drone has a battery. Once the battery is depleted it must recharge. So yes, it is infinite, but it has to stop and recharge after a bit of damage absorption, just like Hank’s shield does. Since it isn’t mobile, the fight will likely take you away from it eventually and you’ll have to reposition it at some point.

2 - No, Torvald’s Mortars do not benefit from weak points. No AoE weapon does.


Thank you guys for the answers. Regarding Torvald’s mortars, I think his tip in the description is very poorly worded:
“Torvald’s Mortar is obviously great for splash damage at a distance, but you can also aim straight up for a close-range drop. Combine that with the Shrapnel Grenade to bring the Monster a world of pain.”

  1. Yes and no. I believe it is like Hanks shield projector and runs out of charge eventually but probably recharges over time.

  2. Nope, only “projectile” weapons like Assault rifles, SMGs and other precision weapons benefit from crit points.


First of all, this is flavor text. It isn’t meant to be taken literally. Second, Shrapnel Grenades combine with Torvald’s shotgun. If you aim straight up (however that works) and launch your mortars, they have a delay in fall time. If the monster is in your face it is conceivable that you could launch your mortars, thrown a shrapnel bomb, then unload your shotgun and have the mortars hitting as the shotgun spams.

In practice I don’t see this happening.


Yeah, I figured they meant shrapnel + shotgun, but I still think it’s poorly worded.


But in this world… The flavor text is becoming real.