Questions About Skins


@MacMan @SlabOMeat @DamJess @Chloe Can one of you answer a couple of questions about skins?

  1. I heard you can unlock skins like how you unlock new Hunters/Monsters, but will it be by playing a certain number of games with them, or achievement type awards? Because I saw at e3, it showed achievements of sorts by doing a certain number of damage with certain abilities.

  2. Will the skins have parts (ex. Guns, Mines, Hats, Torso, Legs, Boots, Face, etc) that you can interchange, or will the skin come as an all or nothing type deal?

  3. Will we have to purchase any of the skins via DLC, or will it all be free and unlockable?

  4. Will skins affect any of the FX, or just the cosmetics of the Hunter’s outfit/weapons, and the Monster’s skin?

  5. Will there be any seasonal skins? (ex. Christmas, Halloween, Easter skins)

  6. Will any of the skins change the VO’s on the Hunters? (ex. a Santa Hyde saying “Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Killing Day!” there was some posts about it in

I think it would be awesome if Goliath’s fire breath could change colors with a skin, or Kraken’s Lightning Strike’s and Banshee Mines, also their footprint’s glow color… And lets not forget out Hunters… Imagine different color domes, Hyde’s flamethrower, grenades, and shield, Markov’s Lightning Gun, mines, and sheild, Griffen’s and Maggies Harpoons, the features that could be changed are endless, but if there were skins that changed FX I think I would become even more excited about buying skins/DLC’s and people in general would be more willing to buy them.

Regarding Skins
So now that we know that Savage is a "premium" skin

I just want more than Borderlands style color swaps.

I kind of want them to really go at it with the skins.

Maybe a more high-tech or human looking android Bucket skin, or a hooded grim reaper looking Laz skin, stuff like that.

Mecha-Cyborg Goliath would be pretty gangster as well.


It’d be cool to have a skin that made Goliath glow blue instead of red. His fire and and eyes could also be blue


Some skins have already been confirmed for guns and Goliath as a pre order.
I wouldn’t want a theme outside of Shear though


I just want my Kraken under a sheet, and my Goliath Reindeer :open_mouth: But Mech Monsters sound awesome… Maybe that will be a hardcore, super beefed up Monster mode? Also, I would love a Santa Hyde and a 1920’s style Hank!




I’d want a 1930’s styled Hunter :wink:


Lol, I just want a suit, top hat and monocle. Also, instead of a Harpoon gun, its a Cane Gun…


Mecha Goliath 9000 skin…

Turtle Rock pls…


I really do not want the skins to turn into what we see in league of legend. That would be a HUGE turn off. I hope skins and cosmetics make sense within the universe of Evolve.


I don’t, I want my Scooby Doo skins, darn it!


Ruh row! Srumrudy rounds rissed. lol


Would you…do it for a Daisy snack?


2 Daisy snacks? lmao


Oh man, Scooby Doo character skins would be so stupid awesome.

Makrov could get Fred’s clothes.
Maggie could get Shaggy’s clothes with Daisy having Scooby-Doo colors.
Val as Daphne
And Bucket with Velma’s turtleneck and skirt.


I can see Bucket saying jeenkies lol


If Daisy ever says “REE HEE HEE HEE HEE” at any point during the actual game then I’m going to flip!


Seriously though, I do want a few silly skins thrown in there.


Seriously though, please no.


Evolve is a game that knows what it is.
It knows it’s history, lore and universe.
This isn’t some wacky MMO or MOBA where it’d be acceptable. Evolve has a tone and an atmosphere, and stupid skins break immersion.
Imagine watching a black and white detective film, then having a bright red clown jumping into the screen and throwing pies everywhere. It doesn’t fit.


A Godzilla movie where everyone is dyeing and then a magical unicorn comes in and spreads rainbows and happiness everywhere.