Questions about release


Hi guys, I’m having massive withdrawal symptoms currently, so much so that I’m starting to plan my day for release. I have a few questions -

  • Will all leaderboards be reset for day 1? (I’m looking forward to getting high on the leaderboards for specific characters and will be gutted if there are people who got a head start)

  • What unlocks will carry over from the beta? For example, I did not pre-purchase so did not get 3rd tier. However I unlocked all 2nd tier, and I nearly had elite skin for Griffin. So I’m assuming any characters I unlocked will carry over, but will the stars for each character be reset so that people don’t already have elite skins and everyone is starting from the same point?

  • Finally, since I am in the UK I was wandering when servers will go live. I will be picking the game up from game at 8 am (sadly no midnight release :frowning: ) and judging by my excitement I should be home with the game by 7:59 am… (calculated using ( Fitness x Excitement ) / Distance). So that means that in PST it will be dead on midnight, is this when the servers will go live? or will they be up sooner or later?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: Its true what they say, you don’t know how much you love something until they make a weekend beta then take it away for 3 weeks :frowning: .


1 - I’m 99% sure leaderboards are being reset for release.
2 - NO unlocks carry over from the Beta UNLESS you are on XBone. In this case, JUST your character unlocks remain. Character level and progression do not. Neither do skins. This is according to the most recent information and could be subject to change. Also, it looks like you needed to have signed up with a My2K account in order for these unlocks to carry over.
3 - As for Servers I believe it was 12:01 AM PST.


Thanks dude, all sounds perfect :slight_smile:


Best part of the post right here!


Servers go live depending on local time. SO we Aussies will be playing while all the Americans have to wait. :smile:


Are you sure about that? I don’t recall games being launched that way. What is to prevent everyone from changing their computer clock/time zone? :stuck_out_tongue: (Genuinely curious, not instigating)


Evolve has localized, dedicated servers, so Australian servers go live sooner than American servers. I think. Right?


Hope the case is what you said, prefer a Level playing field from the get go haha :slight_smile:


They have localized servers, but usually across a medium like steam, there is one ‘universal’ time that it unlocks to the public.


Really? Damnit. Now I have to restructure all my plans for Monster Domination. Ah well.

Also, I think Steam distributes the game depending on local time, but servers go up globally. That’s how I rememer it at least. So…Bots? :smile:


Dunno :slight_smile: I would assume not as the game would still be ‘locked’ but I don’t live in Aussie so don’t know. I used to live in NZ for a couple of years, where in Aussie are you near?


Sydney, about. I know EB Games, JB HiFi, Target, Kmart, whatever all distribute copies by AEST. Dunno about Steam though.


Hey MaddCow I was thinking about cancelling my pre-order from game and pre-purchasing, will the game just be completely locked till the servers go live? and is there a date from which we could pre-install the game?


I’m pretty sure it would be like any release in that you can predownload about a week before release and then the final content is locked until servers are live. Similar to the Alphas and Beta


You should be able to play solo with the bots, play tutorials etc, but the severs will be up pretty quickly.


Thanks guys :slight_smile: game arnt offering any pre-order bonuses anyway so may as well pre-purchase so I can get all over Abe game one :slight_smile: