Questions about offline


I know Evolve gives you the choice to play offline but I have some questions

  1. When facing bots offline, will you be able to earn xp?
  2. If not will all characters be unlocked when playing offline?

And one more question
will all the maps for evolve be unlocked at the start of the game?


From @MacMan:

You do not earn XP in Offline mode since XP is handled by the server (so people don’t cheat.)

We do allow you to unlock while in Offline mode though. So you can still unlock all the characters in Offline mode, and when you go Online, those characters are still available to you.

Keep in mind that you can play solo against bots while you have connection to the internet and earn XP. But if your network cable is unplugged, you don’t.

Yeah, all maps are available at the start. We do not lock them away.


Thanks man. keep up the good work with the Game


but if If the xp doesn’t unlock characters, what does it do?


Most likely displays your level and overall “experience” to other players. XP is actually for XP now!


Hello TRS and the rest of the forum! My question involves system link/lan options. Will Evolve support system link options between same system connections (X1 with X1 or PS4 with PS4) at launch? If not, are there plans to do so in the future? Have the devs at TRS discussed this at all?

Any who, thanks for such a great beta and great game! Can’t wait for release!