Questions about monsters


I didn’t see a thread that was dedicated for questions about monsters in general, so I thought I would make one and throw my questions out there. First off I was wondering if player controlled monsters have different amounts of armor and health, for instance does Goliath have a higher maximum armor and health than Kraken seeing as he is always up in your face? Do player controlled monsters have different base movement speeds? Do base melee attack damages vary by monster? Anyway if anyone knows these answers I would love to hear them :smiley:


Yes! The Goliath is designed to be more of a tank Monster whereas the Kraken is more maneuverable, so naturally the Goliath has more health than the other beast! As for melee attacks, the Goliath is stronger in this case. :slight_smile:


Hey thanks for the answers!


Just thought of another question, When you start a game, do you know what characters the Hunters are, and do the hunters know which monster they are fighting?


In Hunt mode, you’ll know who you’re up against


Guess I am single-handedly populating this thread with questions, what happens if you are in a game and the monster drops out? Do hunters win or does an AI take over? Also if a single hunter drops, same thing?


AI takes control of either side so the match doesn’t just suddenly stop because the monster has decided to quit :slight_smile:


Mfw TRS designs the AI to be so elaborate it’s better than most players.
Oh my lord…


I guess sometimes you will be hoping that a hunter on your team drops, if you have a medic like was illustrated on another thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Can someone help? The medic is stuck in a plant :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s something I was wondering if anyone in the know would be so kind…

How exactly does Kraken’s flying control? In particular, altitude changes? From what I can tell in gameplay videos, it looks like the spacebar (or equivalent controller button) makes Kraken do a glide-dash in the direction you’re currently moving. I am guessing that if you are standing (or floating) still when you hit the button, he goes straight up. I am also guessing that he will continue floating in air until stamina runs out and he has to come back down or the player brings him back down. I can see that pressing the sneak button brings him back down - but how exactly does that work? If I press the button once, does he come all the way down to the ground? Or do I hold the button down to steadily bring him back down, so that if I’m high up I can cause him to quickly drop half the way down, but then continue flying around at that lower altitude?

If that is all correct, is there any other way to control altitude? For instance, if I’m in the air, looking down at the ground and pressing backwards, does that mean he’s flying backwards higher into the air? And conversely, if I’m in the air looking down and pressing forward, is he moving downwards to the ground?


It’s an interesting question. I haven’t played as Kraken, so I really couldn’t answer that for you. Maybe try the ask the devs page and see if one of them can shed some light


I’ll do my best to explain how it works without pictures :wink:

You’re pretty much right about the in-air bursts. Kraken will burst in the direction you’re currently moving, or if no direction he’ll burst up. When in flight though he will burst towards your input direction and relative to the camera. So if you’re looking down and pressing forward he will burst down towards the ground. If you’re looking down and pressing back he will burst back relative to the camera, which would be up.

We tried a lot of different things with his hover. Right now he acts very much like a helicopter. If airborne when you press forward he will not move towards the reticle, or like your example, if you press back while looking down he will not move upward. We had this, but it was causing a lot of player frustration and it was muddying the original design for the hover.

We wanted the hover to be usable not only to move around the map, but also during combat. So what we found to be the best is if Kraken moves relative to the ground you can strafe and fight while in the air, you can move forward and back without losing or gaining altitude which is difficult to judge in third person and while fighting 4 other players.

To lower yourself when hovering you can “let the air out” by pressing/holding the B button or Ctrl, which is also the button for stealth.

Other ways to drop: if you are out of combat you will slowly lose altitude. If you are harpooned you will slowly be pulled to the ground. Tranq darts also cause you to slowly fall.

If you are in combat, which means you are directly dealing or taking damage, you can remain in the air indefinitely and you won’t fall. This was done because its just too damn fun to fight the hunters from the air. :smile:


I believe it’s not revealed until everyone is readied up so that you can’t choose based on it, but you know before you drop.


Believe it was also mentioned that though the health differs, total armor for each is the same. (not 100% sure)


Thanks PoodleTime, very complete answer and I get how it works now. The way you describe it sounds like it’s likely the most intuitive approach, think it makes a lot of sense.


I havent read any of the other comments so i dont know if anyone has asked this but when your playing evolve are the controls for hunters and monsters hard to get use to and is there a tutorial so the monster player knows what he/she is doing not just tips