Questions about monster development in Evolve


I’d like to hear about any ideas for monsters you had that were scrapped from the game. I’d like to know what else you guys had thought of and some examples of why they were removed. If we can’t know what else is in the game can we have some old ideas of yours?


Here’s some early Goliath concept art if this counts as ideas that were “scrapped from the game”


Yeah, I think I remember seeing this before, I was more talking about different monsters other than goliath. I’m interested in knowing about other monsters and possibly attacks or guns that didn’t make it.


The thing about game development is that sometimes old ideas can spawn even better new ideas, so for the time being we will most likely be holding back on sharing concepts of different monsters.

With that said, I can assure you that some older concepts that won’t make it into the game will be accessible in other creative ways before or near release…as enigmatic as that sounds.


The first thing that pops to mind here when you say “creative ways” is an Evolve app


Companion apps are becoming pretty common, although I’m not sure I could see how they would make it work.


I just want more monsters so I can test play styles


They need to let us as a community create a monster for ourselves and then ask us to pay for it.