Questions about Evolve future support and profit


First, sorry for the bad english :x

Well, i was wondering something about the game, i really love Evolve and i’m happy that TurtleRock is fighting hard to give it a new life, i love how you gave and will continue to give some love to the founders, but i’m curious how the game will keep “evolving”? how will you guys make money now that everything can be bought with silver keys? there will be paid DLCs on the future, or Silver Keys for real money? and for how much time the support to Founders will last? founders will get some “permanent bonus” like extra silver keys from matchs on the future or something like that?

Sorry if it is a repeated post, and thanks for the answers :smiley: (i dont know if it’s ok to question about this things too lol i just really dont want the game to die cause TR cant support it anymore because everything is free now)


They’ll eventually have to monetize Silver Keys. The game is currently in beta, hence why there is currently 0 monetization.


There are already plans in place for making Keys becoming purchasable. As for Founders, they’ll be getting rewards for as long as the Developers support the game.


Other than monetization of silver keys and optional bundles for people who dont want to grind keys to buy things, i dont believe the devs have plans to make any content that you can only get as dlc. All content will be purchasable via keys now and into the future.

Also, your English is excellent.🖒