Questions about banning characters in TGL, and my own ideas on the subject


So i never watched TGL, i watched a bit of ESL but the kinds of players who avidly support ESL also had opinions about hunters/monsters that my friends and i thought were plain ridiculous.

From what little i know about TGL they have a nice banning system or at least one that the devs want to use or adapt into evolve maybe. So how does their banning work exactly?

As far as my idea goes, the hunters would vote for a monster to be banned, any monster with 3+ votes gets banned or if there is a tie of 2 votes vs 2 votes the monster that got the 2 votes 1st will be the one banned. as for the hunters im thinking either 3 or 4 hunters could be banned, 1 from each class although im leaning towards 3 hunters banned but one from each is fine too.

Thoughts? does anyone think this is close to what theyre maybe planing on doing?


I don’t know how they choose a Monster to ban. But…

Hunters ban a Monster.
Monster chooses Monster and bans a Hunter (can’t remember which class first, or if it matters). Hunters tell the Monster which Hunter they chose. Monster bans another Hunters. Rinse and repeat for all four classes. I haven’t watch TGL since the start of season 2 but I’m 99% sure that’s what they do.

Each team can bring 4-5 players to a series and must declare players before first pick / ban. (No substitutes during a series).
(No players from other teams in TGL are allowed to sub)

You must start a new draft each round

Hunter Team will ban a monster from the opposing team’s pool
Hunter Teams will choose one class (Medic, Support, Trapper, Assault)
Monster Team will ban 1 character from that class
Hunter Teams will choose a character from the remaining pool for that class
Repeat for remaining 3 classes
Monster Team picks from the remaining monsters available.

Note: Any player on your roster can play any role in a match


alright thanks, but then as far as if hunt 2.0 (or hunt 3.0) it would make more sense that once map is shown that monster bans 1 of each hunter class while the monster ban vvote takes place. it would be so nice to never fight a kraken again


I feel as though a banning system would be horrifyingly out of place in hunt. Giving other players the option to choose who I can or cant pick is a horrible horrible idea. I cant even give a better explanation for why i’m against it, it would just make it that much harder to love this game.


I think this is how it would work. Its the Wraiths you have to watch out for!


I think it would be a good idea to implement a ban system in ranked Hunt, but here’s the one flaw I see. Say someone in the monster queue can only play Goliath and is utter garbage with the other Monster characters, the Hunter team recognizes the Monster player and says “hey, I know this guy! He’s only good with Goliath” and they ban Goliath, forcing the Monster player to pick a role they cannot play efficiently.


It’s something you may love in the end, if you know the monster player, you can ban his main monster!

All players will need to be good with at least 2 characters. Goodbye Sunny until she is balanced. A ban system will show the DEVs which characters are OP and UP and help them bring them all into balance?


Remember they are currently working on adaptions for ecvery character and monster. Goliath banned, MGoliath is at hand!

Its an opportunity to practice with another monster, to bring it up to a standard that he can use. Remember he has banned characters from the hunter squad he struggles with so should have a more enjoyable time?


So it isn’t a good idea.


say anyone is only good with 1 character, and lets say that that player gets into gold ranks but thenmthe banning system gets put in place and that player then drops into bronze ranks, was that player really deserving of gold? they would have been playing as if they were a sheep in wolves clothing.

everyone should be able to play several characters by now, new or otherwise. besides the banning would only be in ranked, if you are only good with goliath and only want to play goliath then go into quick play, solo, or even customs to get youre goliath on. but as goliath do you /really/ want to fight jack,sunny, val/laz, torvald? if you think they are fun to fight then so be it but i for one DO NOT want to fight jack nor sunny/hank, or what ever depending on map.


If a player manages to get into gold with a certain character, they deserve to be in gold. Devoting all of your time into mastering one character means that you’re gonna be a good player with that character and you deserve to be able to win with that character.


i see you fall into the “i only care about my fun and no one elses fun” camp. or at least thats what im rading from you.

i believe i fall into the “yes i may be judgy but i want everyone to fight clean and fair and most importantly fun” camp.

its not about winning or losing to me, while i do want to win i want it to be good game thats close and again fun for everyone with good moments. whats a good game against a kraken? not playing a kraken. whats a good game against a flee till 3 wraith? the wraith actually engauging the hunters instead. and last example, whats a good game against jack? one where he jumps in a plant/tyrant/whatever so he doesnt get to use those stupid replusors from the other side of the map because it has ridiculous range.

everyone has something they hate fighting against, i vote for a banning system and dont really see a reason to play ranked at all (grant it i hardly do anyway) without one. i love laz but if thats the monsters least favorite medic, well thats fine because i have emet or val or Rval to still choose from. being a 1 trick pony only gets you so far in life.

an old phrase fits that well, id rather be a jack of all trades, master of none, rather than a master of only one


I think the ranking system is by it’s nature, for hunters, not centered around you being able to just rank yourself as one thing, not even for a class let alone a character. So the idea that for monsters it should be held that someone should be able to master one monster and be ranked highly with it, and never have to play a different monster? I don’t buy it.

If Ranked was about individual characters, then they should let people select which characters they want to play before they get joined up into a lobby and rank for each character. But this isn’t exactly the easiest thing, and isn’t the best thing for waiting times or player experience.

So ranked, it seems, is about how good you are as a hunter, any hunter, and a monster…any monster. If a ban system comes into place then monster players should realise they need to ensure they are good with two monsters to cover their bases.


Your shunning my version of fun when I want to avoid limiting players to characters they dislike? Hunter teams have 900 possible compositions at the moment. Monsters have 6 choices. As a hunter player I would very much prefer fighting a monster who gets to choose the actual monster he prefers. Playing as a character you are good at is not unfair or a dirty tactic, they were placed in the game to be used.


Sorry if I came across as being rude…, I just feel that a player should be allowed to specialise in a specific character if they want to. Im gonna drop this now though, I’ve stated my opinion and I get that the other people here feel differently.


ok fair enough but if you are looking to only have fun go play customs (i for one pretty much only play customs with friends rather than go into ranked), quick play, or solo. If someone thinks they deserve to be in gold then they should be able to prove it with more than one character is all im saying. again only in ranked, i love monster, its my favorite class but i like all the monsters. sure wraith is my favorite but then i still have goliath or behemoth or MG or gorgon or even kraken if i feel like being a dick. we may only have 6 choices but we still have choices.

no dont think this argument we’re having is a negative one. i dont at least. im an intelligent person and like a good debate. we may not have many monster to pick from but if monster gets to ban 1 hunter from each class, you may not get your favorite monster but you could stop them from getting their favs as well. you said you dont want to stop people from having fun, but you not getting your best pick would be putting you on a B game so to speak while the hunters you could possibly put them on a B game as well so at the end of the day it could even out.

As far as being rude, you aren’t like some kraken braggers on these forums… they are worse than rude in chat, forums, fb… its sad


here is always the option to chat during the selection. “Please don’t ban Sunny, she’s my favourite character.”

Guess it depends on how gentlemen behave during selection. will they comply or bam just to spite you?


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