Questionable Lore Discussion Thread


Hello all! After hearing Caira’s conversation with Kala about “What do you think I’ve been doing for the last 12 days?” I got…curious.

What, overall, is the master Lore timeline of this game? Does that mean the Hunters have only been on Shear for 12 days?


How did Kala reach Shear? If she showed up after the Evacuation from the Akhenaten, why didn’t the Hunters simply dock the Laurie-Anne on the ship that brought her or switch ships to hers in order to escape?

If Hunt/QuickPlay take place after the Colonists have evacuated (As told by their dialogue about finding a dive-capable drive), why do the Hunters need to protect the Relay? What’s the purpose?

How do the colonists teleport onto the ship during Evacuation if the teleportation technique hasn’t been perfected?

MOST IMPORTANTLY WHY are the Generators located IN FRONT OF the Patterson field instead of behind during Defend?? Is there a reason, or is it just gameplay?

Feel free to post, discuss, and ask your own questions below!


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And judging by the end scenarios for evac I imagine the relays still need to be protected as they are needed for the facility to function, and the facilities all provide useful stuff


Damnit! I was just about to post that! xD


For the obvious reason that it would cause a thermonuclear explosion. If the generator was inside, HUGE explosions. A lot of single ladies. (Refrences.)

Their teleportation seems simpler. It just beams them up into a ship. The teleportation technology that EbonStar has is from a Monster, and they have to set up 2 gates, so it’s different.

There are still some stragglers left on Shear. By letting the Monster destroy the relay, they cause huge explosions and move on to the next relay, killing more people in their path who stop them. Besides, do you want them to be closer to their ultimate goal?

I personally think that she was dropped off on Shear. Then, while exploring and whatnot, found Cabot’s crew. So she wouldn’t have a ship while meeting them.

Ninja’d about the thermonuclear explosions. :cry:


  1. Yes, probably less than a month.
  2. Gameplay purposes.
  3. Unexplained.
  4. Not everyone made it to evac, so there are still needing to be protected.
  5. IDK, probably Ebonstar stuff.
  6. What @Matthew said, explosions.

My main question is what are the hunters planning on doing after Shear? Set up defenses on the next possible attacked planet.


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You can just imagine the poor idiot who found that out xD

#“Turn it on!”#

#Why isn’t it glowing?#


Any T4 and T5 Hunters in evac are non-canon. Torvald and Sunny show up because they needed cutscenes for those bonuses.

Likely the ship was much too small and even more likely some sort of evacuation shuttle from the Akhenaten. Useable for one trip and one only. That or she stole a TARDIS.

Have you seen the bonuses Monsters get from destroying them? Deadly wildlife, poisonous gas, phantoms released from aviary, etc.

Plus Hunters need the Patterson tech to get off-world.


I guess that works, although they just as well could have done it with Abe (Who tinkers with jetpacks and weapons) and Cabot, who would be interested in the jetpacks for survivability reasons, right? Questions, questions


Except Sunny is kinda the brainiac technician. She definitely knew the most about machinery at the point the things were added in-game so it would make sense for her to do that.