Question: Will there be a 'ranked' queue in final release?


I was having a discussion with my friends about the game and how they would be interested in actually forming a dedicated ranked team for this game, I’d also like to discuss it with my gaming community. But it would be nice to know if its actually planned as a feature?


I also want to know this. I’m interested into a ranked (skill-based) / competitive matchmaking system.

Here is my suggestion I posted in another topic:

Add a penalty system for leaving/rage-quitting in ranked / skill-based matches. Just like in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where you can no longer play competitive if you abandon the match (and the first ban is 30 min, 2nd one is 2 hours, 3rd ban is 1 day; and fourth 1 week). After you got banned, you have a week to play clean (no match quitting) and your ban level gets reseted to previous one. (For example, if you were banned twice, you would get 2 hours cooldown. When 1 clean week passes - without any other bans -, your ban level resets to the previous level - in this case, to 30 min, considering you won’t abandon another match. And 30 min ban is the default one, if you hadn’t been banned before). Please, think about this! I hate when a player ruins a match by abandoning it.

NOTE: If you didn’t create ranked (= competitive) matchmaking system yet, then now it’s the time to do it. Some players want to play in a competitive way, with fair players (who do their best), at the same skill and who do NOT abandon the match. And for the rest of the Evolve players, there will always be the casual system (= no ban for abandoning). Just like in CS:GO.