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You can put all your evolve questions here.

I’ll start this up by say: when your a monster what is the largest sized wildlife you can pounce on. I understand say, pouncing on a sloth a tyrant but us there size for the dune bettle or megamouth.


Is there an animal that will attack the monster and the monster only but ignore the hunter?
How many gamemodes are planned for the final game?
Is the beard monster going to be a skin for a monster?
Will there be skins in the future DLC?


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There is already a thread about this…


There is indeed another thread for this as others have said, but I would be pleased to answer your questions! There are basically two kinds of wildlife, the Aggressive ones (tyrant, megamouth, sloth, etc) and the feedlings (mammoth bird, spotter, obsidian grub, reaver, lost hunters, etc) the aggressive ones you cannot pounce, but the feedlings you can.



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