Question To Those Who Own An Xbox One


So I know that this isn’t really worth an article for, but nobody would answer me if I didn’t make one.

Can you buy Original Xbox/Xbox 360 games (that are backwards compatible) DIGITALLY on the Xbox One from the Xbox Store? I searched on the internet but I found no definitive answer.

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If you have Xbox Live Gold, then yes, you can play many games from OG Xbox and Xbox 360. For example, I can play all the Bioshock games.

Thanks to that, I was able to play (still have it digitally) Wolfenstein the New Order.


Thank you kindly for the answer. Do I REALLY need Gold so that I can buy Original Xbox/Xbox 360 games? Because I prefer having a regular account without subscription just like buying PS2 games on PS4 digitally.

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If I remember correctly, Xbox Live Gold will give you access to even more backwards compatible games that you can’t play with a regular account.

So let me correct my statement, you don’t need it, but certain games are only available with Gold. :+1:


Alright, question answered. Close!

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