Question to good Kraken users: How do you use Aftershock?


Everytime I play Kraken versus good hunters I feel the need of using aftershock since hunters tend to destroy a lot of banshee mines. I’m sure that it’s close to necessary to use aftershock in order to do enough dps to down decent hunters, but it seems too easy to dodge; and risky at the same time.

Are there any tips to use aftershock against decent hunters?


You don’t its a crap ability unless you’re willing to spend 3 points in them. Even then its still crap due to the delays in between abilities Karen has.

Most will skip it all together, unless the hunter teams are great at destroying banshee mines (with Markov, Kala, Qaira etc) making spending points on BM pointless.


Well that’s depressing… So I don’t have much options if hunters are good at destroying mines? :frowning:


Its just one of the annoyances of being a Kraken right now along with the ability delays and the clumsy speed.

I think @niaccurshi suggested something in the past about maybe making it into more of a vertical sphere so that kraken doesn’t have to get on the ground to use it, along with a faster animation.


I would use the grounder perk it makes krakens abilities harder to dodge.


It’s really strong, but comes with a price


Unless you have it max Grounder isn’t that great on Kraken anymore, better served on other monsters. As Grounder only last 2 seconds for rank 1 and 2, and maybe 2.5 for rank 3.
Kraken’s ability delays makes using them pointless. Better served for monsters like Goliaths and Elder.

There are other perks that better serve Kraken right now.


Aftershock pointless? Please…

Grounder on Kraken pointless? Please…


I don’t see how 2 seconds can mean much in a team that only dodges LS, shoot the BM and hank everything else. The ability cast delays are a real beach and really only Vortex can benefit from them, LS to an extent but you’re better off leading with another ability anyways.


you fire your ranged attack then start your abilities before the ranged attack hits then its enough time


don’t you think I would know that? And no in most situations now its better to lead with Vortex. 2 seconds don’t mean nothing.


its enough to land lightning strike then fire again use afterschock


Do not for the love of god use AS unless you can’t use BM. :laughing:


Aftershock is 500 free dmg or a jet usage of the hunters, stop acting like it’s “useless”. A good team will make your banshees seem useless most of the time, hence good Kraken players only put ONE point into mines even at stage 3. Now where do the other points go into? I think you can do the math.