Question to Devs

So there was adaptations that weren’t released correct? Could you possibly tell us their names and what they did that was different. I think at this point, it doesnt matter because Evolve wont be revived. Also, what about Tier 6? Was that at all in development? I know you guys said you would think about it but come on? :wink: What were their names and what did they do… THANK YOU! I can die at peace, knowing the adaptations and tier 6

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Phantom wraith was teased to be the next big adaptation. From what has been dropped she was going to work in an opposite fashion of the wraith in a lot of senses. Instead of being blasted away by warp blast, you’d get sucked in. Etc. they wanted to give her a bit of control over he hunters and positioning and who not.

There’s a post I’ll dig up later if someone doesn’t beat me to it first when I get home. But basically it all ended with kala becoming the monster the crew wa speculating she would be. A giant kraken/wraith hybrid looking monster named kali with the powers of all the monsters to some degree. As in yes she’d have more than 4 abilities- requiring button combinations to use them properly.


Necro Lazarus, Hellfire Hyde, Thunderchild Sunny, Super Jack, Savage Slim, Captain Bucket, Em-Bucket, War Bucket, Kali, Phantom Wraith… I’m probably missing some.

Ask me about any and I’ll be able to explain in more detail what I know.


The ones that were actively in development were Necro Lazarus, Hellfire Hyde, Captain Bucket and Phantom Wraith. A lot of the others were still being brainstormed, a few being concepted.


ughh all those names are so epic, don’t create the Evolve hunger in me… nooo, what is glove? bambi dont hurt me.


Did you get ability info on Thunderchild Sunny, Super Jack, or Savage Slim in that stream?

No info on Savage Slim.

Thunderchild Sunny details were obtained on stream, we know two of her abilities, including her primary attack.

Gentleman told people what Super Jack could do on here. I’m actually working on Super Jack right now for the Almanac. Not like, this very moment, but like, he’s who I’ve been working on.

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The goal was to split sunny as she is now up between to characters.

A huge problem for sunny has been how powerful a jet pack booster, and shield drone were. They’ve basically been nerfing both of those parts of her kit to make her work. There idea was to give the shield drone to one sunny, and the booster to another.

This way each piece could shine, instead of being nerfed continually in to oblivion.

There was also talk of taking base sunny, and replacing the jet pack booster with a beam that basically replicated ocaple degree the super soldier. So you could damage boost a specific hunter.

It was all on the air though- so we may have gotten some, all, or none of this.


sup bro100 char

and what are those abilities

Well, yeah, but you forgot about the shield and mace.

Oh, lol, I forgot to comment back to you. Which hero were you referring to?


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She had a mace, Lennox-style armor, and a Reinhardt-style shield. It’s safe to say that, given that, she would’ve gotten the jetpack booster as well, since Squirrel said they wanted to split the booster and drone between the two.

what would original sunny get

I don’t know.