Question regarding pre-load for PC



I just have a quick question about the Evolve pre-load for steam. My friend has bought the game but unfortunately he is close to his monthly cap in downloads, so he is unable to pre-load. So I am copying the files for him, which should be fine, but I am wondering if there are any plans for further large updates to the pre-load before release?

If there are, I may have to hold off on giving him the files until after launch, and we dont meet up very often since we live on opposite sides of the city.

Thanks in advance.


I think the only update is the Day 1 patch which is 3 GB.Not sure if it is inside the pre-load files tho.


2.9 gig of new Elite Skins and 0.1 gig bugfixes etc (insert Kreygasm face here)


But the 3 GB update is released on pre-load? or when the game is unlocked? And 3GB only for Skins :OÂż?


I was just joking, but there are new skins included yes.
And my best guess is that the update starts when you launch Evolve for the first time


ohh, I have regular conection and if the update starts when the game is unlocked I would have to wait 40 min to download these 3 GB and I want to play the same moment the game releases :´(


Day 1 update is 3GB? Wait wdf?

Somebody call admins n give us some info on the size of damn update…

God… If there is a big update then im ****ed, here new OFCs are beinf deployed and cause of that my connection suckx since the connection is being routed through some ugly cables… ( low speed)


lol, you joke, but you’re probably spot on. :grin:

Any bug fixes are programmatic, and don’t really involve large binary data like images and models. Also, once the build is recompiled, you may see marginal file size changes in only a handful of files. Whereas, when you add resources like high-texture skins and the like, that’s when you begin to bump up the patch size. It can never be compressed as well and purely text files.


I’m pretty damn sure there’s a day 1 update with some more fixes and the new elite-skins.
TRS had different elite-skins planned, but after alot of negative feedback (more like “whining because the elite skins didn’t look all that different to the original ones”) they actually created complete new skins

And those are a big chunk of the update. (which was stated to be around 3GB in size, they said this during the amazon stream 2 days ago)


Everything that b1nge said.
There are also the fixed Wraith,fixed matchmaking etc etc.



Now would be a good time to panic…


There are no signs that the 3GB update will be downloadable before launch. You’re going to have to wait until you get it to give him the files.