Question regarding laz and the leaderboards


If you die in a match, but laz revives you, does it count as a death on the leaderboards or not?


Hmm… More than likely. He is bringing you back from the dead after all… So if you die like 5 times in one match I assume those 5 go on your death counter, even if he does ress you.


it sadly count because u was death in the match


Yes it does!
I didn’t realize it at first until I tried to help my friend elite Laz while playing Jack. Now my #50-something Jack on XB1 has a crap ton of deaths LOL


Wow that’s odd. @LadieAuPair is that intended or is it a bug?


Doubt it’s a bug, you’re dead. That counts towards the number of times you’ve died.
The system doesn’t care about how or if you’re brought back.


Definitely intended. A death is a death, no matter how you come back.

Although the existence of Laz only further muddies the actual usefulness of the leaderboard for gauging player skill. :stuck_out_tongue: