Question regarding forum rules


So, earlier today I posted a joke thread poking fun at the people whining about how this or that aspect of the game is over powered. It was totally silly and obviously meant to be funny and not mean spirited or anything negative.

It almost immediately got flagged as spam and then locked.

I’m not complaining, I’m just confused. Is there some rule about keeping everything strictly serious? I’ve looked and I can’t find any list of rules at all for forum behaviour. I didn’t think there was anything inappropriate at all about my post. What am I missing?

Again, I’m not upset, I’m just wondering what I did wrong and what I need to do to avoid upsetting people in the future. Never had this problem before on other game forums, so I was sort of caught off guard. Not a big deal really, just… strange. Suggestions?


Diffrent kind of humors i guess, i made a really bad ‘your dad is fat’ joke and was totaly obvious it was a joke still got flagged for it - most of my jokes people get tho. But if a few or maybe 1 person flags it get deleted i think.


Honestly I expected plenty of things similar to what you did! You’re right it is a game forum, and we are gamers. And regardless of the label “gamer” people are going to poke fun at one another, and in the same sense people will also get defensive about this. Every action has a consequence either good or bad, just think of that before you do anything. I am not condemning you, in fact I agree that there is too many threads regarding player frustration. This game has had one other alpha, and the game comes out in February, allowing for time to put the icing on the cake.
In your question about why things may have gotten flagged and closed, TRS is a very professional site. Out of all of the other forums I have been on this is one I can always trust to have real, relevant, and mature conversations on. The recent explosion of the forum has certainly brought stress to the team, and it may have been to simply reduce stress. I know both you and I wouldn’t want more drama if we were heading this project, so they just closed it off. These are just my thoughts, thanks for listening :slight_smile:


I think its also that with this being an Alpha weekend, the amount of posts that aren’t joking at all are extremely large. So my feelings are that most get the joke, but people would totally jump on it as serious


I would not get upset about it. Honestly, the forum is moving so fast right now, people probably didn’t register it as funny and took it as a complaint meant to kick the beehive. There have been some aggressive threads in the past few days that have needed dealing with, and your thread was just ambiguous enough to get lumped in. We are a pretty laid back forum in general, so don’t take it personally. Things are just moving a mile a minute with the alpha going on, making some things harder to deal with.


its crazy atm compared to ‘normal’


There have been well over 100 new threads today. We usually consider 10-15 a busy day :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep, trying to help most of them bcs im not playing anymore( played so much i was getting sick )


I guess the forums don’t allow “discussion of moderation” so, you could have PMed any Mod about it for more explained reason.