Question , please someone answer me


where should i post bugs ?? because i posted a one but the leader closed it why ?? sorry im new to the forums


The bug that you had, you posted your information about it in the centralized thread for it.

You then proceeded to post two topics about said information, unessecarily.

It’s not so much posting in the right place, it’s… Posting the right number of times.


what ?? i didn’'t got what u mean can u explain it ??
he said “Please do not spam duplicate posts”
although i posted it one time


You posted the problem here already, then made two additional threads.


And here


You posted the falling through the world thread in the right place.

Afterwards you created two separate threads for the same bug, it was just unnecessary that is all.


Maybe if he makes it a 4th time it will be the charm?


then if i posted it here ,will u see it ?? maybe not because the post is old thats why i added a new one


No need to post it again. When you post to an older thread it will bring it up to the top of the newest threads. The QA team will see there is an update and check out your post. You should be all set and thank you for sharing the information!


thank you ,i didnt know that ,sorry because im new to the forums


No problem at all! If you have any other questions you can let me or any of the other leaders/moderators know.
We are here to help. :support:


NO ,thx
i just want to ask are you working on my problem ?? because i really can’t play


OH, sorry I am not an employee of Turtlerock, I just help on the forum.

The QA team at TRS is actively working on issues like these. There are several reasons why it happens so all the information they can collect helps.


ok , thank you