Question on Shield Interaction


Have been curious and have found it hard to test it myself, so I thought I’d ask about how shields interact with eachother.

First, do shields like Sunny’s drone and Hank’s projector stack with their class ability? If not, how do they interact? Does the stronger shield override the weaker? Does it cancel out? Can you keep the class ability shield charged up with TS-Hank’s projector?

Also, for assaults, I’ve read they’ve changed the shield to 75% damage reduction. Does that reduction also apply to any shields on them?

Thanks to anybody that can share such information with me.


I’m not sure about the Sunny and Hank shields but I would say they overpower it

For the Assaults I’d say that it shield them from ANY damage but it’s a waste of the ability as it still drains down


Are you sure it’s 100% damage reduction? I’ve played assault and have noticed my health goes down when hit when the buff is active, but at an extremely reduced rate.


Well if the 75% DR is what you say it is. Then when the assault activates the ability 75% of all damage done to the assault is reduced. Now if a Support like Hank or Sunny’s Drone shields an Assault when the ability is on then the 75% is made into 100% but will not break into health.

Now if what your asking if the shield is also reduced by 75% when the DR ability is on I do not think so


Yes, I am asking if the shield gains the benefit of 75% DR while the assault’s ability is active, so thanks.


Sorry for the confusion haha. I just thought about that part with the last sentence I wrote :stuck_out_tongue:

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I also have questions about shield interactions !

(First, are we sure that the Assault 75% DR doesn’t affect any shield they would have?)

So… Let’s say you have the equivalent of 500 points of shield on you.
A monster attack with a 400 points ability.
I’ll have 100 shield left, right?

If I had 500 points of shield and the monster landed a 600 points ability, would I take 600 damages on my health or only the remaining 100 ?


Once I get back from work I’ll try and rope a few of my friends into helping me test these things. I’ll post my findings here.




It would go into your health. So the 100 remaining would be taken away and 500 points would go into your health


Did you really just make that picture to tell me no or have you had it for a while?

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…Are you sure ?
(By the way, you meant 100, right ?

My shield would absorb 500 of the damage, and my health take the 100 left…?)


I’ve had it a while, anyhow, on topic


Lets have three options:

1: You have 500 Shield Points | The Monster attacks with 400 Damage Points | You now have an extra 100 Shield Points

2 - Going off of Option 1: You have 100 Shield Points | The Monster attacks with 600 Damage Points | You know have no Shield Points and 500 Health Points were lost

3: You have 500 Shield Points | The Monster attacks with 600 Damage Points | You now don’t have any shield points and you lost 100 health points

This help?


Perfect !

And that’s still true in stage2Evolve, is it ?

Thanks anyway.