Question on Evacuation


When it comes to leaderboards and ranking, how does it work for Evacuation? Are the numbers taken from each day counted together as a single match, does the final day count as the overall victory or is each day a unique victory/loss scenario in the ranking system? Does the handicap system affect scores?

EDIT: I also want to know if Custom games effect the leaderboard/stats. I plan to make some Spotlight videos and guides using custom games, and would be a little upset if they counted against me.


I actually don’t know either. I think it was either mentioned in another thread and never got answered, or you’re the first one to ask.

@r00k , would you mind explaining? I remember you’re the man for that :smile:


Not too sure about leadboards and rankings as they haven’t said much about those. That being said, this is how I believe Evac plays out.

You get Civilians Rescued if you are the Hunters. You get Civilians Killed if you are the Monster. The number of Civilians rescued for the Hunters is determined by how much damage you do to the monster and how long it takes for the mission to end (Win or Lose). If you rofl stomp the Monster you save lots of civilians. If you do no damage to him, you save very few.

You get Civilans Killed if you are the Monster. This is determined by how many Downs you put on the Hunters. So even if you lose, you get ‘graded’ for how much damage you did to them in the end and how long it took. Similar to Hunters.

The overall winner is whoever wins Day 5. Score doesn’t matter as that is just your bonus XP awarded to you in the end.

As for leadboards, I believe that there are two possibilities. There is an overall ‘Score’ leadboard and/or there is an overall winner leadboard that is based solely on the last day. I would like to see the Score Leaderboard more than the ‘victor’ leaderboard as I believe that shows the best Hunters/Monsters instead of trying to game it so you get these silly loses at the beginning to try and make it stronger for you on Day 5.


Unfortunately, I haven’t been super informed with how the leader boards and rankings have been developing.

I normally like to keep track of that kind of stuff, but the other IT guy and I have been wearing our superman suits to try and keep this place running during crunch. I think @MrStrategio probably knows who to tap to get something like that answered though. :smile:


Looks like the Dev train’sa comin’.



The Evacuation campaign doesn’t count towards leader boards. Only match made games featuring our Hunt mode are covered by that. The experience you gain from campaign goes towards your personal progression level, which I believe maxes at lvl 40. You have to complete the campaign to obtain the experience for all 5 matches. We won’t award people experience for playing 1 game of evacuation, losing, and then rage quitting. You’re gonna have to stick it out with everyone else. The handicap system will hopefully balance out a team that is steam rolling the other.

Custom games also do not count towards the leader boards since they are not match made games. You can use custom games to help you with your personal progression, though for most people new to Evolve, I would recommend against grinding things out in custom since the time spent grinding could go towards actual matches and gaining more relevant experience.

Edit: Part of what I posted above is incorrect, I misinterpreted what I was told. CURRENTLY any match made game will count towards the leader boards. This includes Evacuation PVP or COOP games where you search for people to be match made with you and those games will count towards your leader board stats.

Custom games will not count towards it your leader board. So if you want to experiment with modes, you should setup a custom game and select what mode you want to mess around in. When you think it’s a good strategy, test it out in a match made Evacuation game.


Thanks so much Strategio! One last question; are leader boards counted through win/loss ratio, overall performance (Like landing x harpoons in a game, averaging over x games), or a mix of some other statistics?


Currently it’s based on win/loss, but over time I believe we’ll be able to develop better algorithms to compensate for Evolve’s asymmetrical game play. Most ranked leader boards are based on symmetrical match-ups. I don’t know of any game out there that has a ranked leader board system that would come close to meeting our game play model. (If anyone knows of any I’m interested) The last estimate I heard, we would need at least a full month with 2 of our programmers focused working on just the algorithm using PHD level math, but that’s time we can’t use on essentially mostly theory crafting. I think it’ll be better when the game comes out and we’ll be able to pull telemetry and help compliment the theory crafting with hard statistics.


Thanks again. Would you suggest playing the Hunt mode to climb the ladder as soon as possible, or would playing Evacuation and then playing hunt mode at max level to climb the ladder? Which would be faster?


Easy, just make a Leaderboard for a ‘team’ of Hunters while the Monster board will remain solo. As far as individual skill, that seems WAY too complicated to track the best of the best when your involvement on the team is very different simply based on class. The Monsters are pretty easy to leaderboard, it’s the Hunters that will have a hard time to math.


The first, you adapt as you go.


They already said they have individual win/loss ratios for monsters and hunters. So i think there’s a unique leaderboard.


Correct. I was just reiterating the fact that outside of W/L it’s very hard to determine the best of X class. For instance, the best Trapper in the world could not even be in the top 10 because he Solos/Pugs, while an above average person is number 1 because he/she plays on an organized team at all times. I was saying that there should be a ‘team leaderboard’ instead of focusing on individuals as the individual performance is really hard to balance.


They could create 2 leaderboard one for team and one for solo queues and monster gain more points when they win vs tean. But honestly the more complicated the system at launch the more issues it comes with