Question I've been wondering


What is that creature in the Planet Tamer logo? Orion Terrosaur (most definitely not spelling that right)? Some old monster or creature that was in the game that you are paying tribute to? I realize that this was the logo for te game when it was called Metamorphosis, but I don’t think they ever explained what it’s supposed to be.


You did spell it right. :smile:

And I believe it is.


It’s the original Evolve logo, back when the game was called Metamorphosis. Go to the DOE thread and check MS 1-3. It’s on every part of MacMan and Slab’s presentation to THQ.


Ya, but I believe that’s also the skull of an Orion terrosaur.


Summoning @Videogamer954 because Orion Terrosaurs. :stuck_out_tongue:


Read the post, Ren. I’m asking if that creature has an official name or if it was something in the early stages of the game. I’m aware that it was the Metamorphosis Logo.


…Oops…Sorry. :cry: Please don’t kill me.


I’ll let you live… For now.


WAIT WHAT? I’M HERE! I’M AWAKE! Didn’t fall asleep in Algebra…

*Orrion Terrorsaurs *?


I’m so lost…


Orion* gg skrub


Woops xD “But, there’s no sense crying over every mistake.” (I’ve been listening to this for 2 hours now…)



Pls i’ll dy anythanf

Also, I recall Caira mentioning a Nova Dragon too.

But I doubt it’s any particular creature, honestly.


Me too, but who knows. With @Matthew as the central lore writing guy, practically anything is possible.


Orion Terrorsaurs are the real baes. I want to know their real identity… QUIT HIDING YOURSELVES! Don’t you see you have your # 1 fan right here? Or do you not care about me… :crying_cat_face:


I feel like if they ever release an image of one, it’s going to become your new picture.



Whoo… Sorry for the caps… I got excited at the mention of a picture of one.

Now you see, TRS, this will make the fan-base happy. And by ‘fan-base’ I mean me.

Wait you guys know how we are ‘losing the player base’? If TRS makes concept art for this, I think we will gain everyone back with an additional 10% more players. Where did I get those calculations? My head… and Science…


Orion Terrorsaurs are pretty sexy…


You people and your weird turn ons.


Is there an image of an orion terrosaur for me to see it. Other than the badge of course O.o


Nope! There is not. That’s why I’m asking if this is an Orion Terrorsaur, a monster, or some other creature.