As I understand it so far as the Hunters have to fight their way through the indigenous species as as they hunt for the Monster so my question is this: Can the wildlife they kill consumed by the Monster in order for it to evolve or is it only creatures the Monster kills it can feed on? If you do allow the Monster to do this you can counteract Monsters just shadowing the Hunters and eating their leavings you could make the biomass gained from Hunter killed wildlife significantly less(or however much is just right) than what the Monster gets from his own kills. You could also give the Hunters the option to sacrifice a piece of equipment from their loadout to carry poison to booby trap their kills to discourage the Monsters from kill-munching(new gaming word yay)


The Monster can eat dead wildlife that the Hunters killed, yes. If you are sneaky enough, you could do exactly what you describe - stealth behind the Hunters and eat all the scraps they leave behind :smiley:. Wildlife actually decays over time, so yes, if you stumble over dead wildlife that the Hunters killed a while ago, it will give you less energy as the Monster.

Very intuitive thoughts. I like it!


I’m a fan of the monster stalking and eating the carcasses that are left by the hunters!!! Watch your backs hunters, you may be the reason Goliath is fed! :wink: