Question from a visual impaired person about certain "effects" that cause trouble



I’ve got a visual impairment called nystagmus. I only see trough one eye and the other is heavily ilimted. I got problems in the department of keeping focus of fast things, difference with keeping focus on heavily strobed light and spotting things “from the corner of my eye”. ofcourse when not seeing trough 2 eyes your width of view is limited, and added to that is the narrow vision i have in the one eye left.

In left 4 dead when there was a tank up and close, the screen would constantly (and sometimes very violently shiver and ve very shaky. This might sound funny but I sometimes don’t know where he is because of this reason. This shaking causes a fullscreen blur that makes me loose all details of what around me when it’s so intense.

Also there’s no way to cancel muzzle flashes, which in dark areas causes severe focus problems for me, it would basicly blind me and I can’t see what’s in the surrounding until I stop shooting.

that’s why in left 4 dad I will mostly take the HR or autoshotgun. the assault rifle is very tiring.

So my question is, in evolve, are the muzzle flashes going to be severe ? Are monsters who are close to you going to give this incredible screenshakes ?


Dealing with Motion Sickness

This is a good question/point. I hope someone can answer this for you


I imagine muzzle flash severity will depend on the gun, like in L4D. You might like the silenced sniper rifle that Lazarus has more than Hyde’s Chaingun for example.

As for violent screenshake, I don’t think it’s in the game unless you get smacked by a Goliath melee attack. The only time I noticed screenshake in the interactive trailer was when they got hit. Since you spend your whole time fighting Goliath, it would be super annoying for everyone I think if the screen was shaking constantly.


Some guns have a bigger muzzle flash than others, but we’ve spent a fair amount of time trying to make sure that muzzle flash doesn’t obscure the target, so across the board it should be better.

We have some screen shake in places, but not as much as the L4D tank battles.


thats good to hear! thanks.