Question for the Master Hunters


We’ve been doing pretty good recently but last night we faced a goliath that was hardcore on the trapper, knocking him around out of range of the shield / heal gun. It proved to be damn near impossible to keep up, he would just take a little bit of damage to down the Trapper, escape and evolve.

What methods do y’all use to avoid the Monster as a Trapper while in the dome? Dodging - obviously - but it’s eventually going to run out in not a lot of time with a decent/good Monster.

The unofficial tips/strategy thread

Set traps if Maggie, get behind him and shoot the harpoon gun if Griffin.


Sounds like you guys just had positioning problems; The trapper needs to be aware of potentially being split, and the other two need to be ready for it as well. Also don’t under estimate supports cloak to save him, remembering that the monster can follow beams to him though.

For the most part, it’s in the trappers hand to perfect his dodges, positioning, and not throw a dome too far ahead of the team. Also, he needs to be aware of mines to lure the monster in (or dissuade the monster from following him on them) and poison grenade fields.

He needs to play differently vs different monsters; Kraken just LOS him from far saving jetpack ONLY for dodges.
Goliath use terrain and try to skirt the sides as much as possible (jumping off/back up etc) and if you are running shield/heals like it sounds, he needs to be aware its better to take a hit and stay in heal range than dodge too far and out of LOS of his team…

Bunch of little things =3


If the trappers being focused, you might need supports shield to make the monster lose track of where he is. Also, Caira might be better for this situation, as her greandes have good distance, and splash


Shooting the monster with your harpoon gun doesn’t stop the monster from moving towards you, as he tries to kill you


Get behind him and fly towards your team.


I’ll edit my post, hang on.


Griffins harpoon gun still won’t stop the monster from getting close to Griffin and killing him.


That’s how it is.Monster will try to keep the trapper down.Its up to good jukes in trappers behalf and good heals.If the monster is stage 1 Caira will have no problem outhealing that.If the monster is stage 2 trapper will eventually die.The thing is to keep him alive as muchh as possible so the other team can do damage to his life before the trapper dies.

That can’t work if you are the one being focused.Griffins harpoons stop the monster from going in the opposite direction.If he wants griffin his harpoons can do nothing


Fly to your team. It is really simple. Meet them halfway.


If the monster is happy to take damage to get rid of dome, and get a strike on trapper, flying towards your team won’t help either :confused:


If you have Hank and Parnell. He will do damage and Hank will shield you. Just get in range. The medic will then heal you.


Why doesn’t the trapper run back to you guys? Jetpacking to his flank causes him to have to turn all the way around before attacking again, that should let your team catch up. Then again usually its a 1v1 with the trapper and the monster since pubs are incompetent at keeping up. Juke to win!


And to gain more distance, you need to feather the jetpack, press the button only when you need to.


Look at the first post again. Heal and shield is not an answer to


You look at my post.

feathering is to press the button and glide then press again. It gains more distance with less fuel.


Thanks guys, I feel like using the terrain better would have helped last night.

One of the things I love about this game is the “easy to play hard to master” aspect. I feel myself getting better every week, it’s exciting.


For further tips with surviving as trapper, against goliath and wraith your neutral burst is a huuuuuge tool for survivability. Double tap space with no direction held and you’ll burst directly up, they dodges most of goliath’s abilities, and wraith can’t supernova you. After that it’s a choice between spending the rest of your juice to hover or let yourself fall and save fuel for another jump, usually depending on if you team topped you off/shielded you in that time. The power with this move is that you aren’t bursting TOWARDS the monster, nor away from your team…You’re actually improving their LOS on you while doing an efficient dodge.


Trapper is the most sublime class in the game. It’s all about positioning. As Maggie, you hop around like a rabbit placing traps (place them high for Kraken). Griffin’s all about getting behind it. If you’re getting focused, definitely try to put the landscape between you and the creature.


If only they remembered :sob:

To many Laz matches where I’m yelling in the mic “STOP HEALING/SHIELDING ME!!! HE SEES ME!!!”…