Question for the devs about new hunters


So my question is for devs but other people can comment, i just wanted to personally ask how the numbers are looking on new hunters? Is there any concerns you guys might have to keep an eye on or any problems that you’ve noticed?


Keep an eye on this thread:


Seems like everyone is enjoying them, which is fantastic!!!

Definitely some small adjustments to be made with them, but the list is quite small. In general, the team is dealing too much damage.

Behemoth is where most of the focus is going though.

TRS what have you done to Evolve
Hard to enjoy this game (as monster)

Just another curious question that I personally have been worried about is how much do you think torvalds mortar damage will be nerfed, he is by far my favorite assault because he matches my playstyle in most other games. If you don’t know I completely understand


Still looking closely at Torvald. not sure yet.


Thank you very much, you guys are the best


I think it will be CD increase instead dmg nerf. Now all weapons are spammy. Like it was with Hyde’s grenade.


Would it be possible to check the telemetry on the new maps also? I feel like Monsters are having a tough time in the mine, possibly due the lack of food and the size.


@MacMan I was wondering if there was a technical reason why you can’t zoom or unzoom once you start charging Crow’s weapons or if that is a bug?


Yeah they are. Win/loss ratio on all maps in Hunt mode on the Xbox is currently 55% Hunter wins. On Mines, we’re currently at 60% Hunter wins (so a 5% difference), with Kraken having the toughest time. Slagtown is 59% Hunter so it’s similar.


Thanks for the info. Would this be something that you would try to balance, or would you wait a little longer until everyone became a little more familiar with the maps in question?

To be honest, I’m not sure which map slagtown is.


Slagtown is the other new map. The one that is more manmade.


MacMan i love where slim is right now so i was wondering if anything on him was going to be changed or not? (Personally i think he is pretty balanced)


Ooh, wow, hunters are up right now? What’s the PC looking like?


Please don’t nerf torvald it’s only against behemoth I knownpeople are having problems. Goliath kraken wraith are always on the move a good monster isn’t going to stand still or torvalds mortars are what they gets, just my input . The mortars miss a good bit too when the monsters are mobile


Only thing I want to do right now is bring his damage down. According to our telemetry, he’s currently out-damaging the other medics 2 to 1, even though Val and Laz’s weakspots are supposed to do extra work for them and Caira’s fire is supposed to work for her.

But I love his play style and his survivability feels good.

Lots of people are upset by the spore cloud shutting down the monster’s senses. I get it, but am sitting on that one for a while to see if people learn to adjust. Stuff like that traditionally takes more time.


Just so you know MacMan, us “common folks” know that map as Broken Hill Foundry.



I would think that he’s going to out damage all the medics due to the way his whole build is setup. He’s on the gun WAY more than any other medic, with the exception of laz, but laz is all about weak point multipiers.

Y’all are the experts so I leave it you, just voicing my opinion.


It’s not surprising he’s out-damaging all the medics, the weakspots from Val and Laz don’t really impact fights in a significant way and Caira’s Fire grenades are so ridiculously weak that there very little reason to use it in a fight.


I’ll trade you damage for range. His weapon is very high risk since it forces you to be close to the monster. If you nerf the damage, then maybe a range boost to balance out the trade off