Question for mic users

Let me start off and say I am not an mutiplayer online gamer. I tend to find them kind of boring. Evolve is the first one that really caught my interest and I think is a lot of fun. So I don’t know the normal etiquette of these thing.

That being said is it rude of me to ask if you could turn down your TV? It’s bad enough that most people are talk way too close to the mic but I what I find really distracting is hearing the game echo. It just makes me want to mute everyone and not use the mic at all.

Thanks for your thoughts.


Not rude at all in my eyes. If someones TV is too loud or their music is blasting and they won’t turn it down when asked, they deserve to be muted.


I tell people constantly. There’s no point in using a mic if the background noise is so loud that it all comes through as garbage. And, I don’t need to hear the characters talk, and then hear it again on delay through the headset. It’s really annoying.


Yeah, like everyone else has said, it’s not ride at all. Usually I just mute those people rather than try to get them to turn their tv down unless they’re being helpful.

How dare you ask me to be thoughtful and courteous… KNOW YOUR PLACE PEASEANT!!!


Not rude, but whether I would do it… Yes and no. I need to be able to hear any sounds to discern where the monster is. I have a certain range I must be from the TV to be able to play effectively. If the sound is too low, I can’t hear;

Spotters/Tyrants/other wildlife
Breaking foliage
Evolve roar/shriek

I need these to determine how far and close the monster is and in what direction. Usually, I would try to accommodate though. First I would try to adjust the settings to see if I can get it so that the TV doesn’t echo as much/loudly.

A lot of people use the stupid kinect as a mic. So it sits right in front of their television and you hear everything.

I just got a pair of headphones that allows me to adjust both game and chat volume…get to hear everything and have the TV as silent as a baby mouse

It isn’t rude for you to ask people to improve their surroundings, not key the mic the entire time they are in the match, move the microphone to improve clarity of their sound.

Most people aren’t aware of what is or is not picked up by a microphone. So telling them that it is hard to hear them isn’t rude. A lot of people have headsets and think they need to put the microphone right under their nose and touching their lips. That makes it sound terrible in most cases.

Glad you are enjoying a multiplayer online game! I think they are a lot of fun.

Which headphones may I ask?

I have a pair of TB Stealth 400x (ps4)