Question for Hunters


Do you prefer chasing a level 1 monster around for 10-15 mins as and until they desperately try to gain distance to evolve or is there something I’m missing?

Sadly I just don’t understand it as a monster who always fights stage 2. I can stage up to 2 in 3 mins and be fighting you in 3 and a half. No I’m not talking about with a buff to win, or any insane advantage. A level 2 monster is equal to the hunter team in strength. But Instead hunters use these glued to your butthole comps that just prolong this entire process. Its frustrating on my end, can’t imagine its much fun on yours. Many hunters complain about running around for 20 mins during a match but has it ever occurred to them that they’d be fighting in mere minutes if they didn’t?

The whole I hate running simulators and I’m tired of monsters not engaging thing doesn’t make sense if we are stage 1 and you do not give us any time to be equal. Just curious everyones thoughts. I just feel like a 3 minute process is preferable to one thats 15 mins and has the same outcome, an evolution.


Definitely a monster who fights. Shears pretty, but I’ve seen it enought times to have a definite preference towards fighting over chasing the monster.

It’s probably due to people overly worrying about being caught out while evolving, and so they put it off. I know I’m probably guilty of this to a lesser extent, so I can’t blame them too much.


Yea, if I knew every monster player would fight at stage 2, dear god, do your thing and see you in 4 minutes.

Problem is you’re in the 15% that fights at stage 2. Just last night, fought a kraken and a goliath, both full armor and health at stage 2, domed them 2X each, both are ready for next year’s Boston marathon.

Long and short of it is, if you have a team you play with this game is a ton of fun. I’m sorry to say though that playing in pubs after having a top team is horrible. No one, and I mean NO ONE, wants to play an elite monster with a lv 10 medic or lv 10 anything. Even worse might be an assult that is low level, no chance of winning then…


You and me, we are the fighters, we make the game action packed and fun from the very start by laying into the hunters for their missteps, but the other monsters, the runners, they don’t know how to fight, and so they run, they avoid, and they will never learn what it is to be powerful, for they will always be inflated, and rely purely on the strength of their powers to pull them through.

We need to teach runners to fight, show them how to win, only then will monsters actually be fun.


Ah, I didn’t realize that is the case. If that is true then damn that both explains it and sucks. For me fighting stage 2 is the thing to do. I don’t need to be a clunky S3 unless I’m so horribly battered.


I can understand a wraith wanting to get to stage 3 with the low armor and health. Seeing kraken goliath and worst of all behemoth players run at stage 2 is maddening.


You say fight at stage 2 but the way to do it is at stage 1 with a 3:45 minute long game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t mind. I play Trapper so I always watch for certain routes monsters run. It can vary from monster to monster but once you have found out their particular pattern it is easy to cut them off. I also find it funny when I go to cut the monster off and you can tell the second they see me, they do a 180 and run right into the rest of the team.

I love how I alone can force the monster to run back into a team just to avoid little ole me. Pair that with an Abe, Cabot, Caira or all 3 and the monster has no room to feed or Evolve.


Where’s the excitement if the hunter team don’t even try? I’ve gotten plenty of domes on stage 1 monsters, so why not try for that fast win? Sure, I want to avoid the hunters at stage 1. But that doesn’t mean I want them to just GIVE UP trying to catch me. Where’s the fun in that? It’s all about the chase. From the chase, you can get a sense of the strength of the hunters; their team work, their experience and skill, the type of play they will opt for…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an eternal runner. I fight the hunters at stage 2 to get those strikes on them, and then decide whether to stage up further or just take them out then and there. But just letting the monster go do his thing for a while just seems silly to me.


This is why I play as Behemoth, the only monster that I feel can have an action-packed and balanced fight at any of the three stages.

This is why I chase stage 1 monsters. A good dome at stage 1 can still be fun for the monster if he cares about more than winning.


Apologies if I wasn’t clear. I didn’t mean the hunter team drops and literally waits for the monster to stage up. Play as normally. What I was trying to say is that it doesn’t make sense if you’re constantly on a stage 1’s butt so for 12+ minutes he doesn’t get to evolve and you then come to the forums and say I hate running simulators, I wish monsters would engage and stop running etc. My point was the two things didn’t make sense. It wasn’t a plea to stop and wait for me to be ready its more of an explanation that hey its no fun for the both of us and I’d gladly stage up to 2 and commit to fighting you as I always do. But if I have to run around for 15 minutes before catching a break to evolve I will, and its not fun for anyone.


Nope. Not anymore. Not with comps like Caira/Sunny/Torvald which have extreme defensive capabilities and extreme damage all at once.

And, as a player who plays Monster and Hunter equally, I can say that I- and a lot of others I play with- don’t mind chasing down a Monster, it is quite fun actually.


Point of the chase, gotta deal with it. ^.-
Try to outplay them, and stealth.


Keep in mind that TRS has been talking about changing the “escape” of monsters to be more reliable. In other words, monsters will be able to run more effectively after a dome for a short bit so they can “reset” the hunt and actually get some space and don’t have to sit on their evolve for 5 minutes running away.


Oh, I didn’t know people were complaining about such a thing. Seems stupid to complain that a monster is running away if clearly, they aren’t able to armour up and stage up. I always engage the hunters as I run away though, whether it be rock-throwing them as they come around a corner, abducting a weak hunter or rockwalling them into a lava bomb pool. This obviously isn’t possible for every monster player, because of the way they progress their abilities at each stage, but either I maximise escape or punishment as stage 1, to try and by myself enough time to be able to evolve.

If people don’t enjoy the running, then the only thing they can do, I guess, is get better at the chase; open up the map (is he funnelled into a single route? Is it possible for him to slip past us? Can WE split up to corner the monster?), LISTEN to the wildlife and for indicators of traversals, tree/environmental breakage, footsteps, Listen for the loud guttural scream of a dying tyrant. If your team is with you, then only the monster could have killed the tyrant. Head to the nearest tyrant spot. Sometimes it’s just on the hunters if they can’t keep up.


Have they? Where, may I ask? I’m interested.


Just theory at this point but I like the sound of it personally.