Question for good monsters against Bucket


Now that the Bucket challenge is over and you’ve played against a lot of Bucket setups, what is your opinion on playing against Bucket? I feel like he is too slow on placing his turrets and good burst damage completely counters him every time. Basically the stuff the forums are filled with regarding Bucket.

So now that you had a full weekend full of Bucket matches, how do the good monsters fare against him? As a hunter team going Lazarus + Bucket we didn’t lose all weekend, at least, not when I was playing Lazarus. Are there monsters that didn’t lose a single match against him? I would really like to know :slight_smile:


I didn’t lose to a single Bucket, the setup time on the turrets is a bit too long IMO, but there were a few that made me a bit wobbly, still won tho.


He’s still trash, not hard to just follow the poor tinman while I check my emails and read magazines while waiting on him to get his turrets ready.


Buckets damage output is certainly less than Cabot and he doesn’t have the combat utility of sunny or even hank, but buckets strength lies in the fact that he is easily overlooked

If he can keep a good distance and a constant field of effective drones and constant rocket damage, he is easily the second most powerful support damage wise (if your not counting hanks orbital barrage, which connects very inconsistently for good damage)

It all depends on who is controlling him


Bucket still is the worst support and he’ll always be until they replace the obsolete UAV with a worth one ability. Basically Bucket is missing an ability.


For me this is THE reason I really like him with Lazarus, because he is overlooked he can hide better with Lazarus and the turrets compliment body camping strategies. Lazarus with other support just doesn’t work that well. Because Bucket is not a direct danger to the monster, they ignore him. With other setups though, he kinda fails to compliment because he does nothing but damage as support. His UAV completely lacks behind if you have a good trapper. So he becomes more of a punishment dealer for monsters who like to camp. And those monster are more rare than finding a golden Mammoth Bird underwater.

We all say the same thing I noticed “he potentially” does … If a character cannot be a constant factor in a game, he’s unreliable and too easy to counter. Our games with Bucket with Caira also were close to impossible. Because of the focus on the medic. Val was just GG from the start, Slim had his moments, but a monster that could ignore the spore cloud had us in those. He lacks flexibility I feel…


I noticed a lot of people were placing the turrets too close and forgetting to put down turrets before they use a UAV.


Tbh I find Bob needs a better way of destroying Bucket’s turrets.
Either that, or make lava bomb activate more quickly! :unamused:


I didn’t loose a single match the whole weekend as Bucket and I didn’t go down once.
Jetpack recharge was the skill I used all the time, and I used the cloak alot. The most
important thing that could be better with his UAV is the tracking time. Could be a little
longer. I like Bucket more than Cabot, although Cabot is definitly more effective.


he’s still crap. lots of turrents didnt make the game annoying at all, didnt do much besides render bucket mostly useless while the challege was going on.

i honestly barely see him in matches anymore.


I wonder though what they have in mind to fix him. His core problems will alway’s stay the same unless they make him borderline overpowered. Make every turret scary as hell, and his missle launcher get a lock-on. Or simply boost his damage and range even more.


I think he just needs faster turret setup and maybe a tiny bit more RL damage. The turrets are what make Bucket a threat at all, so he should be able to make them asap, rather than spending 20 seconds setting up all 5 just to have them destroyed in a split second


I agree, faster placement, and a second longer to setup. Don’t care if they are going to shoot later, I want to set them up much faster. One turret doesn’t do shit. Two start to be annoying, three actually bring some pain to the game.


All 5=Savage af.
If you get em setup.
Which you won’t.


Yeah I also think faster placement will help bucket. Right now as the monster it just feels to easy to avoid the turrets. The only time I really see them do work is when a monster trys to body camp.


Zero losses to bucket teams. Griffin challenge changed a hell of a lot of minds on griffin, bucket challenge it’s safe to say did not.


I have never lost to him he needs more sentry damage and less set up time


A good bucket, although worse than other good supports, can definitely do damage and make games much more exciting and closer (by that I mean I’d actually have health damage done in stage 3 but not a lot). However majority of players with buckets are bad with him, no UAV’s till I’m stage two or bad sentry placement, or even no sentry placement. Bucket is a decent character, however he is outshined by the shear utility and damage potential of the other supports.


As Goliath, Bucket can be really painful to play against in bad domes (hunters can shoot at you from defense of turrets at long range) and at fights near the relay. However, if you have somewhere to hide, bucket is pretty useless. Some maps have very good spots for turrets for defending the relay and you lose half your armor just approaching them while being mortared by torvald for the rest of your armor if you try to kill them. I’d imagine they are decent vs wraith too. Kraken/behemoth have no problem with bucket.


A good bucket is the same as a good Lazarus: Viable but still weak. I’d take a decent Caira over a good laz and I’d take a decent sunny hank or Cabot over a good bucket