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So I am a ps4 player and bought the original game and all the dlc character and monster wise so what will they get me in the f2p version when it hits console finally? Just curious I am excited for this game to be alive again have missed it

Gold Skins [Discussion]

Well, I pre-ordered the PCMR.
I have had characters unlocked (besides Markov/Goliath I had to unlock from tutorials), about 30k keys to buy perks with. Several perks unlocked beforehand I didn’t have to buy. Hmm, we also have all of the skins we had before. We also get special moving badges, two anyways.
Forget if we get anything else.


Thats all of it untill new founder content rolls out for us in the future.


To continue off of what @Shin stated; from your post it seems like you purchased the base game and all DLC Monsters so here’s what you will get.

When the F2P update comes to consoles you will receive:

Evolve Founder *** - All previous characters you owned *(Plus the next four adaptations)* - Any skins you may have purchased. - Additional skins. - 30,000 Keys - Exclusive Badges - Future Content - Free Perks ***
Skins - Dragonscale; Assault Skin Bundle - Infinity; Assault Skin Bundle - Predator; Assault Skin Bundle - Infinity; Medic Skin Bundle - Predator; Medic Skin Bundle - Infinity; Support Skin Bundle - Predator; Support Skin Bundle - Infinity; Trapper Skin Bundle - Predator; Trapper Skin Bundle - Goliath Clownfish - Goliath Frostbite - Kraken Gold - Wraith Gold - Behemoth Gold - Gorgon Gold - Goliath Voodoo - Kraken Voodoo - Wraith Voodoo
Exclusive Badges Founders get exclusive animated foregrounds to equip as their badge. Choose between the Hunters dropping from the Laurie Anne or Goliath using Fire Breath. Founders also get two exclusive backgrounds to put behind your favorite badge. Choose between the Evolve Versus symbol or the iconic Monster footprint.

  • Monster Perks

  • Savage Nature - Climb Speed, Feeding Speed, Smell Range

  • Feral Instincts - Climb Speed, Feeding Speed, Smell Range

  • Ferocious Bloodlust - Climb Speed, Feeding Speed, Smell Range

  • Haste - Movement Speed

  • Mutated Haste - Movement Speed

  • Evolved Haste - Movement Speed

  • Brawler - Climb Speed, Traversal Regen, Damage Reduction

  • Deadly Brawler - Climb Speed, Traversal Regen, Damage Reduction

  • Mutated Recovery - Ability Cooldown Reduction

  • Evolved Recovery - Ability Cooldown Reduction

  • Fast Climber - Climb Speed, Traversal Regen

  • Speed Climber - Climb Speed, Traversal Regen

  • Hunter Perks

  • Rocket Man - Jetpack Flight Efficiency, Jetpack Recharge Speed, Jump Height

  • Rocket Lord - Jetpack Flight Efficiency, Jetpack Recharge Speed, Jump Height

  • Rocket King - Jetpack Flight Efficiency, Jetpack Recharge Speed, Jump Height

  • Gunslinger - Item Swap Speed

  • Bounty Hunter - Item Swap Speed

  • Infravision - View Outlines of Creatures and Traps

  • Reloader - Reload Speed

  • Speedloader - Reload Speed

  • Enhanced Defense - Damage Reduction

  • Unbreakable Defense - Damage Reduction

  • Enhanced Celerity - Movement Speed

  • Nanotech Celerity - Movement Speed

*** Alternatively you can view it all here: ## *** ######That took far too long to organize....


Ugh, literally everyone has the gold skins now? I miss when they were rare.


Should’ve joined me when I was raising hell about them. They were meant to be for the first adopters and early supporters; obviously it should’ve been handled better but that’s what they were meant for and besides me and a small group of others no one decided to protest the idea of redistributing them.

I don’t care. They’ve all lost their meaning to me. Doesn’t even matter if Goliath’s is still exclusive to those who played way back in February almost two years ago, giving away 2/3 of the originals just ruins it. Honestly wouldn’t have cared about the Behemoth and Gorgon ones but the original trio was meant to be special and instead they were devalued…

Whatever; I’ve already raged about this topic before a dozen times. Everyone knows this is still something that’s angered me since they first did it.

So much for that…


I actually did speak against releasing them a second time, now they’ve been released a third time? So, there’s literally nothing to separate the people playing at launch and sticking through with the game, from the people play a week ago. Or the people that got it, but never actually played it. [quote=“10shredder00, post:6, topic:92654”]
So much for that…

I can agree with that. It’s virtually anyone now, not even remotely the earliest supporters. [quote=“10shredder00, post:6, topic:92654”]
giving away 2/3 of the originals just ruins it.

Especially for someone like me, who never plays Goliath.

It would have been nice to have something to collect from those times, instead, we’ve got nothing.
We even got our entire accounts wiped with the release of F2P. That’s just, I can’t even…
We have no history in the game anymore. It’s all wiped and removed, and the stuff we collected over the time we played is just handed to anyone who wasn’t around then.


But hey, we shouldn’t be mad about that right? We have new players, so all these little slights are ok.


Apparently I’m a new player for the most part. Glance at my profile in game, and you’d not be able to tell the difference between mine and someone who got the game 2 weeks ago.

I pre-ordered the PCMR version of the game. I’ve played the alpha and beta. You’d think you’d be able to tell. But nope, doesn’t look like I’ve played the game for like, a year and a half. Looks like I started less than 2 weeks ago.


But we get founder’s bonuses, right? I mean, at least that’s special. Not like new players can just pick the game up for ten dollars at gamestop and get the same title… right?


While this is an upsetting issue and one I find is worth discussing I find it is probably best not to completely derail the topic (even if it has been answered) and to instead forge a thread or a PM between us three to discuss it.

I’ll begin working on a simple thread to get the conversation rolling with other founders.