Question evolving


Speed is untouched. Wouldn’t make much sense to be slower. You look slower, because you’re bigger, but the speed is the same. If speed would been decresed, you wouldn’t be able to run away from hunters at stage 2 or 3


Speed never changes. I don’t see why people think it does.


Speed = Distance divided by Time.
As you evolve it appears to take a longer amount of time to cover the same distance, therefore your speed appears lower,


still untouched


Thank you.


You’re welcome. Even with speed = distance/time

Just saw, you withdraw your post. No need for us here since you, apperently, saw it

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Don’t antagonize me…


I would quote you on the old shit, but, like I said, you have withdrawn it so it’s ok.
Still, you’re welcome and welcome to the forum

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Stop it Umbra.


I’m not new… Don’t antagonize me… You too @10shredder00
EDIT: Post I removed just said speed. Not entirely sure what you’re planning to quote from that, but feel free.


Do the math. You stated that the monster is slower.
We said it’s not slower, it just appears to be slower.
Then you came up with

And, since you did the math, you realised it’s still the same speed that’s why you qouted yourself 3times with “appears”.

What after the threat? Will you turn green!?

it said cough speed cough with a quote from shredder


Isn’t any math to do with no numbers. I though the speed was slower, I was incorrect. Shredder said he didn’t know why people thought Staging up slowed you. I said

I am very particular with my words, I deliberately used the word ‘appears’ twice hoping you would take that as a win and the conversation would end. I was wrong.

Is this a reference to something or a joke? I feel stupid because I have no idea what you’re talking about.

What are you planning to quote from that?


Was a reference to Hulk and I stopped here


So is this a different conversation now?


This is really not how we should behave in a topic started by a new member/player. Please drop it and move on.


As said before:

  • 3 extra skill points to invest as you choose
  • More health
  • Bigger armor pool
  • Size

Can we close it already?

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@Sentry_Gun can decide that if he wishes.


Yeah, the question has been answered, I’ll close this now :smile:

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@Schwabbelmadron Welcome to the forums friend, sorry about the small derail above, but the question was answered.

I suggest you check this thread:

It’s an awesome guide for new users in here :smile: