Question about Wraith's Abduct mechanics


Can anybody explain why the corpse does not consistently return with me when I abduct creatures? I have a feeling this has something to do with aim, but if that’s the case, where exactly do I aim on its body to ensure I snag it? I am aware that larger animals like rock toads cannot be abducted.


You abduct with your feets, so aim a bit higher.
Don’t ask why.


Abduction is buggy, and I find it is more buggy against wildlife. Usually it manifests as the abduct damaging the creature but not moving it.


If you always want to hit your abduct, just aim it right above their head, or for wild life just above the center of their body.


Yeah abduction requires precise aim. It’s no mean feat.


not really, check my stream out next friday, I land more than 90% of my abductions I swear.


:frowning: I think you missed my pun


Question: abduction damaging hunters with a swipe but not actually grabbing them? Why? @MacMan


F, it was about the feet thing earlier! XD I totally missed that. wow. Nice man nice. XD


I’m inferring from Drath’s comment that this occurs when you land the abduct below their head, damaging but not grabbing them.


I’ve only seen it a couple time, it seems to be a glitch that shouldn’t be happening. Usually it means you didn’t hit them at all, but they still took damage for some reason. In any other case it’s a glitch with it’s dmg hit box coding, because you can use abduction on ungrabable wildlife and that could just be run over from that.


Hardest part of abducting is putting up with that shitty aiming tunnel. The actual reticle is mostly obscured.


I think it looks cool, and it really isn’t that bad, especially once you are used to it. It’s way worse on behemoth. Mostly because the range it so short and you can’t see it.


Yeah, you can’t abduct large wildlife like Sloths, Armadons and such but we wanted Abduction to still be able to be used as a weapon, so when you try to abduct those things, it’ll deal the damage but not pull them back.

I think when you damage a Hunter and you don’t pull them back it’s a bit of a side effect of that bit of code. I think it happens when you have a really close miss.

Wraith abduction dealing damage but not grabbing

Yes precise aim, except for when it grabs you around corners, behind barrier objects, or even, in some parts of Weather Control and Aviary (atleast), through walls


Lag OP bro.


Oh man this one time, at band camp…

Loljks this one time in The Dam, I got abducted from the side of the relay area with the three pillars, taken back to the eastern caves. The stupid thing was I watched the abduction animation land next to me, but half a second later I was somehow being dragged across the map. Laaaag


Abduction needs some fine tuning just like Decoy, they both have aiming issues.


Lol, some of those looooooong distance hits are truly amazing. I doubt even the wraith player really expects to hit them. Probably just goes, eh, what do I have to lose. lol


And sometimes you damage a hunter, and don’t pick them up.^.-