Question - About tier 5 Monster/Hunter


First and foremost, I see there are only two tier 5 hunters?

What class/classes? Are there going to be 2 more in separate classes? If the latter is so, then why not release them all in the same rip? (all in one)

Tier 5 monster? Does this mean just one? When will we (gamers & forum community) find out ANY information about this monster?


ALSO, I would like to add another question. If I pre ordered from gamestop and purchased season pass could I expect to get these hunters and monster for free or would I need a separate purchase?


It’s still in early development. I wouldn’t expect word on these guys anytime soon. Maybe closer to fall or even next winter. Just a wild guess though.

the season pass gives the tier 4 hunters and magma skins only.


There is most likely only two tier 5 hunters because the monster race bundle only comes with 2 additional hunters beyond tier 4. Does this mean tier 5 only has two hunters? Not sure, don’t think so. If it doesn’t mean tier 5 only has two hunters, then it might mean two specific hunters or two hunters of your choice. Nothing is known about which classes the two hunters will occupy or anything like that. We will likely not learn anything about the tier 5 monster for the foreseeable future.


I’m just assuming that they are at a point where their brains are fried and probably need a new set of eyes. I imagine that its hard to make four hunters every time, so eventually just add 1 to each class as they come up with something they feel is unique.

I’m excited to hear about that 5th (metamorphic :slight_smile: ) monster as well!


The pack nets you two tier 5 hunters. Doesn’t mean there will only be 2 tier 5 hunters though. Hard to say at this point how it will all work out.