Question about the slim bug that got him removed from ESL


Ok so most of us that pay attention to the competitive scene saw today that slim was not allowed due to a “game breaking bug”. PLEASE DO NOT ASK OR DISCUSS WHAT THE BUG IS!!

This is understandable and I am totally fine with it. My question is, with this bug only being discovered earlier this week and being so significant as to force ESL to remove him from competitive play, will we have this bug fixed soon?

We all suspect that there is a title update in the very near future and my understanding is that it takes about a month for a title update to make it through certification with the consoles. Are we going to have to wait 2 months for a fix to this bug? Will slim be banned for that entire time?

@MrStrategio @Insane_521

P.S. Please do not discuss what the bug is in this thread as that is a very fast way to get this thread closed. I am trying to ask a legitimate question about the timing of how “significant” bugs get fixed.

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I highly doubt that it’ll take a whole two months. And I imagine this’d be a very high priority fix, but of course I know nothing here. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Shaners @MajorLeeHyper Any word on how long it’ll be?

Please take a very long time so that nobody picks Slim because he sucks and I hate him thank you very much goodbye. " :slight_smile:


And here I am still not knowing what the bug is! Lol.

Anyway, I highly doubt it’ll be long if it really is that big of a gamebreaking bug.


Take an example of behemoth roll spam maybe? Did not take long for that to be updated.

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If I remember correctly, it took a few months (at least 1), they just used a work-around through micro-patches to make it ineffective. I don’t know if they would be able to do that with this.


Kraken bug took 2 months and no one said any thing about banning… i just don’t get it.


That was a big mistake, yes…But that doesn’t mean they should repeat the mistake. :stuck_out_tongue: And if I had to say which bug is worse, it’s the Slim one…


Well, what’s done’s done. I’ll wait and see how long does it take to fix slim.

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Hopefully longer than it takes to accidentally delete his spore clouds.


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Well it does take a month to get a title update going but seeing as this update isnt out yet, the slim fix might get pushed into this update. But it might take a longer time to fix so more than likely we’ll get it the next update if they can find the problem


Yeah, thats what we all are wondering. I would like clarification on how these bugs are handled in this instance, and going forward if we ever encounter issues like this again. We will just have to wait for a response or wait and see after the title update drops.

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You cheeky son of a gun… tell me!!

I hope they don’t take that long to fix it because if its such a game breaking bug thats its not even on the forums this means it must be a huge glitch possibly rivaling behemoths roll glitch or even better than that…


That was a powerful exploit on a terrible character. This is a powerful exploit on an already broken character.


Ok, ok you wont budge… how bout a :cookie: ?


Is the cookie made of pieces of Slim’s sporegun’s coding ripped out of the game and printed? If so, yes.

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Have a :lollipop: ?


Is the lollipop made of pieces of Slim’s sporegun’s coding ripped out of the game and printed? If so, yes.


:potable_water: here have this to wash it out :smile:

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We’re not allowing discussion of the bug itself here, we don’t want the forums to be a place where people are encouraged to try and exploit it for themselves.


I specifically asked people to NOT ask or DISCUSS the bug here. That is not the purpose of this thread. Feel free to flag or completely remove any comments that do @niaccurshi @MidnightRoses