Question about the power relay



I’ve gotten to stage 3 many a times these last couple of days but I’ve only run into this particular situation twice. On occasion while at the power relay, I’ll notice a 15 second countdown where all the hunters rez. I’m not exactly sure what I’m supposed to do. It seems nearly impossible to take out all the hunters in between the “rez” cooldown and attacking the power relay seems pointless because a stiff breeze prevents me from attacking it.

Now I’ve been stage 3 and fought around the power relay before and the hunters didn’t get a continuous mass rez, so what exactly triggers it? I’d rather just duke it out at stage 2 than fight a near impossible battle at stage 3 where hunters are rezzed over and over.


Are you fighting at all before the relay, or staging to 3 and then engaging?


Typically I do fight. There might have been one or two games where the hunters were especially poor in tracking. Does staging up to 3 with significant health/armor trigger this?


Is it possible that it could be EMET’s respawn beacon? :smile:


No but of you don’t engage them early on then the new dropship mechanics work against you.

To start they have an 8 second timer that goes up with each strike and evolution.


Maybe it could be the beacon? I’m aware of the dropship thing. By the time I’m stage 3 the dropship timer is around 1:30. In this case ALL the hunters get rezzed. I stopped playing before EMET was released before, so it could be. To be clear, I get an icon on the left screen warning of hunter rez with a short countdown. It’s separate from the dropship countdown and its blue. If it is EMET, is the way to counter that simply killing him?