Question about the Gorgon


Why is the Gorgon a spider? Given the name, it should be a medusa-esque snake lady. I think that would also make an interesting monster…oh well


Because Gorgon means “grotesque woman”. Not ugly ass snake-person.


This was my question when she launched. Still a weird naming convention IMO but I think it works well for describing the gross creepy-ness that is Gorgon :smiley_cat:


Gorgon like @Rapterror said means a ugly women…hideous. The most famous of Gorgon’s IS Medusa–imo, our Gorgon is fuckin’ ugly with those little hairs, big maggot booty…stretchy arms and muscles, etc. so the name fits.


@Matthew has said that they aren’t naming monsters on Shear based on mythology, its just what they look like, Goliath is a big brute, Kraken a squid monster, Wraith is a phantom, and behemoth is big, the names aren’t what the monsters are, but what they look like.


Except he has mentioned mythological creatures have a part or had a part in Monster naming, specifically Gorgon.


Be careful, those who argue about what insect she resembles will come…but for the record, she’s a monster. Lol