Question about the Big Alpha and Preorders


In the Blog post it states;

“As a special “Thank you” to everyone who’s already pre-ordered the game, you will be guaranteed a spot in the Big Alpha over the Halloween weekend if you pre-ordered through one of these participating retailers: GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Walmart.”

I have had mine preordered for months. Will we be emailed codes, or will we have to go back to the stores we preordered from and pick one up there?

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I preordered the game on a different email address …


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I’m bummed on that aspect as well. Have you had issues getting games to work on Steam that you purchased elsewhere? I might be forced to go get a physical copy and try to activate through steam…I’ve run into so many issues that way though! Example, I have 2 copies of Age of Empires 3 Complete collection and neither one will activate through Steam. I bought them through Best Buy and it tells me my codes are wrong whenever I try to input into Steam. Luckily I can still play them with my hubby but not through Steam. This sucks because now I can’t play on-line if I wanted to with others and I’m not paying another $40 to buy it directly through Steam when I already have 2 physical copies.


What is to stop someone from nabbing a PreOrder just to get into the alpha and then cancel it?


The quality of the game is meant to stop people form doing that. Most people who are devious enough to do that, are gonna buy the game.
It’s more likely (possible) that someone plays the alpha and cancels their pre order after deciding this game is not for them. I have been lazy about getting my pre order setup but this is good incentive.


@Fourmizzz0 I’m pretty sure I preordered with a different email address too…


Ok. And you’re in?


Not sure yet, I just learned about this a few minutes ago :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, thanks for helping ^^


Best way to get into alpha: pre-order and then take the order back after the alpha. Waterproof plan 10/10


Well I have cancelled my game pre order and re-pre ordered with gamestop, so anyone know when I’ll receive code?


I pre ordered a copy for the xbox one from Walmart how do I get the code for the big alpha?


Steam is a unique retailer, and as such we aren’t able to have pre-purchase ready in time for Big Alpha. Regardless, you’re not out of options. You can:

A) Pre-Order elsewhere to get the code (later canceling the pre-order, as many places will allow that at no cost)
B) Stick around on the forums, we will be able to help you out, by either giving you one of our single-use codes (with higher priority) or potentially even giving a large amount of codes to make sure you had lots of chances to get in. (Even if you still don’t get in, I’m sure we can work something out :wink: )

Hopefully that helps. As a player, I understand where your frustration comes from.

As far as how you get your pre-order Alpha code, that will vary by retailer. Best to contact them. We in the process of getting information about them so we can tell you exactly how each retailer is distributing

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Thanks Jess.


So are you saying that if I already pre-ordered Evolve from GameStop in June I should cancel it and preorder from another GameStop or should I go to the GameStop that I pre-ordered from and ask for a code.


Idk how gamestop works but they should have you on file (for pre-order) in any store, seems the more logical thing :slight_smile: but someone has to confirm this before you trust me


So can I just say I pre-ordered and ask for a code.


thats what im gonna do. although i have a code in there already from the giveaways…but this one garuntees me in


I would think so ( ofcourse you’ll have to give them more information: name,email,… that sort of stuff )