Question about the app and my2k account


Hi there !

I’m sorry to create a new topic here but I didn’t find the answer to my question anywhere else.
So I played the alpha and the beta of evolve and pre-ordered the game on steam. However, I never created a my2k account before the mobile app went out. I’d like to know if when the game is released I’ll be able to bind my my2k account to my steam account in order to get the rewards I unlocked on the app.

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During the beta at least you could sign in with a my2k account. It prompted me to create one or sign in the first time the beta client launched, and I assume the full release will do the same.


Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:


Hey CaptKirby.

I have the same situation.
Where can I find my 2k account that I played on Alpha, Beta and Pre-order on Steam.
Tried some emails, but no sucess. What did you do?