Question about the activity of EVOLVE


i really want to buy the game but alot of people says that the game is dead, meaning that not alot of people playing and it’s hard to find people to start play. is it true?


All depends on which platform you’re on and which region I think!
The PC playerbase is somewhat active as far as I’m concerned, and there’s plenty of people out there on the forums who I’m sure wouldn’t mind playing alongside a beginner! :smiley:

However, those doomsayers or whatever who say it’s dead aren’t right but aren’t wrong, it’s a low playerbase, but it’s friendly, and mostly active in the EU and US regions- atleast from what I’ve seen :slight_smile:


i talking about the PC version. thank you :slight_smile:


In that case, here’s the steam charts for Evolve :stuck_out_tongue:


thank you soooo much! now me and my friend will buy the game! :slight_smile:


Waaaaait are you gonna buy from steam?


Just make sure your rigs are able to run it :slight_smile:


no G2A :yum:


Aaah very well, that was exactly what I wanted to tell you ! :smiley:


Keep in mind that the game’s anniversary is coming up. If we’re lucky we might see a sale on steam with the different editions discounted. This is just pure speculation though :slightly_smiling:


Like @Bloodish said, I would wait a bit for a possible discount that might come for the anniversary edition. Hell, there must be a reason why Evolve wasn’t included in the 80% off 2K titles that happened this past weekend.

Also, add me on Steam (check my profile), the more the merrier.


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Feel free to add me on Steam as well. I don’t play on PC very much as I usually go straight to my XB, but I own both versions :slightly_smiling:

I think @ToiletWraith did a good job answering your question. A word of advice, I’ve noticed that it’s much easier to find matches when you go “Quickplay” instead of selecting “Hunt” on the multiplayer menu.


I recommend to buy it. It’s excellent game with high learning curve. It takes tens of hours to even learn basics. Read, ask, follow how better players are doing. Still player base needs more players.


Get the ps4 version dude there’s tons on here!


nope, PCMR all the way! muhahahaha :smiling_imp:


LoL. Only problem I have with PC gaming is not everyone’s on the same level in terms of specs and also hacking is more prevalent.


PC Monster Race Edition is your go to!


That, I can agree, but really depends on the game. Evolve for example doesn’t have any hackers that I have met at all (yet), and there are games that take any cheating or hacking very seriously.

For example, all games with VAC (Valve Anti Cheat) system in place can be considered good on that term. I mean, I still play Modern Warfare 2/3 (which are the only CoD games with VAC in place), where hacking is much less prevalent as they all continue to jump to the next title.


jeezus christ 442 players


the numbers on the chart are slightly misleading as those are just the daily players but not the total actively online players. so that 442 may actually be 700+, but those “258+ players” may only be on every other day, once a week, etc.