Question about Stage 2 and Founder Status


Hey all, so I recently saw on steam that Evolve went free to play with the Stage 2 update, and I think everything TRS has done to improve the game is absolutely awesome. I’ve been playing Evolve since the beta, but I was an Xbox One player, and only recently got into PC gaming. So my question is: If I were to link my 2K account to Evolve on Steam, would all of my DLC purchases and whatnot be recognized?




Lol if Mountain doesn’t know, nobody will.


Not yet. It’s something TRS is looking into but right now if you wanted to be a Founder on PC you’d need to purchase the game from a brick and mortar store or an online retailer.


Interesting, I really just don’t wanna grind out for my characters, I bought all the DLC for XB1 and would like to resume having all the content I’m used to. Thanks a bunch dude, hopefully they allow the console users to get their content back.


When Stage 2 deploys to Console I would assume that you’d be a founder there.


That is correct.


Alrighty, well in that case I’ll just wait for console to get it’s Stage 2. In the meantime, I’m gonna go enjoy that nice big playerbase on PC that popped up. See you guys on Shear!


Feel free to add me!


Is there a thread on here somewhere for PC players to post steam profiles, etc., to friend other Evolve players? I saw one way back, like a year ago, but never added my info / never got to add anyone.