Question about speed. Is this possible?


Hi guys! (new player here)

I had a really suprising experience yesterday and wanted to know what I did wrong. I was playing Goliath and after the dome went down I did 3 long jumps, a full duration lvl 3 charge, a leap smash followed by another jump+attack to kill some poor animals and eat them. And, to my suprise, the hunters were on me!

This continued through the whole game. I tried running straight away from them, zigzagging, even smelling them and sneaking backwards, but nothing worked.

I am not salty, it was amazing, I actually felt like an animal being hunted down by a team of really good hunters but…!

TL;DR QUESTION: When I hunt the monster his 1 jump equals about 2-3 jumps for my jetpack, so when I practically “jumped” 6 times straight away from them, how did they catch up with me?


This happened to me twice in one game and once in another. I suppose it’s possible with all speed perks, but I get extremely frustrated as they are always near me or with me


Can’t really say for sure unless we see a video but it is possible to keep up for a short duration and if they have tracking darts or good sound spike coverage they can cut you off extremely well which might appear like they’re on your tail the entire time.


Well I don’t have a video but maybe somebody has (if this happens for other people too). As I mentioned I was running in a straight line away from them specifically to avoid getting cut off. I thought this is a good tactic to buy time for eating, but apparently not. The whole game I spent my time running away, couldn’t even reach stage 2.


I’m glad it’s not just me :smiley:


Me too :smile:


I’m going to assume one, or more of them, had full speed perks on and you didn’t have much, if anything at all.

Right now my trackers are running around with +20% movement speed. I can easily keep up with Goliaths no matter how hard they try to run.


I have had that happen a couple games…

if the assault or other hunter is “popping” around you its the old hack.

if its the hunter team… you got to force confrontation in your best area at all cost and pardon the expression “balls to the wall” fight


Depends if your pathing is predictable. Just came out of a good monster player game. he was really good at throwing us off trail when we were just around the corner because judging by the map and pathing he was supposed to turn right. but he turned left.


??? If you are able to constantly keep up with them “no matter how hard they try to run” then how are they supposed to feed?


My pathing was really predictable - straight away from them. We were in one corner of the map and I was running for the opposite. I mainly play hunter and I know their best chance to catch the monster is to fan out and corner him. And when I hunt Goliath they jump 3 times, I jump 3 times and he is 10 miles away from us. This is intended so you must “track” them instead of just jogging behind them and shooting them constantly, no? So they have time to feed? Thats why I was suprised: 4 jumps, 1 charge, 1 leap and they are still behind me…


idk which hunters you were facing against, there could be many many factors.

They could have taken shortcuts. that can save valuable time.

kind of like in movies where the cops chases the bad guy, 1 cop decides to take a shortcut to intercept him. i find that to be the case as well when im a monster. my pathing kind of sucks as monster.


Was a Kala on their team? Because one of her abilities allow hunters to use portals to teleport across the map.


The trapper could have taken max level speed perks in all 3 slots as well, combine with whatever their unique ability was to track you.


Wht makes you think I let them feed?


What makes you think they will let you stand? hahahahaha


Hovering 5 feet off the ground is pretty good defence against pounce attacks.


perks and the scan gives movement speed too


Well, this question all depends on a lot of variables.

What were your perks? Do you have any idea what their perks may have been? Did they have Caira? Kala? Maggie? Lennox? Had anyone found the Elite Strider yet? These are the questions that need be answered before we can determine what exactly happened.


They probably had some form of movement perks.

Leap with crosshairs (slightly) in the air to get more reach. Jump of tall objects and don’t stay in their LoS.