Question About Special Forum Names


Hey guys, I’ve only been here a few days now, but I tried searching for the answer to this question and couldn’t find it. What do the different colored boxes around peoples names mean and what about the tags next to them such as “colonist”? Just wondering what they were/meant and how to get them, thanks


There are a few different user levels on the forum. Devs are Red, Moderators are Blue, and people that were members on the forum before the game went F2P are “colonists”!

Unfortunately to be a colonist you need to have joined the forum before the 7th of July. However as you stick around you can still become a regular, and as you become a regular you’ll get a “regular” title and, if you’re an active regular, might even get a custom title to go with it :slight_smile:


‘Colonists’ also have white over their name and a monster print in the bottom right of their profile picture. Devs have a turtle in the bottom right of their picture too. :slight_smile:


Ah, I see! Thanks for the info :+1:


Question has been answered. If you have any more questions about this then feel free to message myself or another leader or mod and we can open this back up again. :slight_smile: